The Sun bows to his lady Moon

As the Sun bows to his lady Moon bidding her farewell for yet another day, he gently reaches for her hands, she reciprocates, he tenderly holds them, as their eyes meet they both smile in a sweet loving oneness.

The Sun slowly moves closer to her, their lips only just apart, they feel each others breath on their faces, the energy increases with animalistic magnetism, he then slides his head gently sideways, in a soft yet masculine tone he whispers into her ear, “I love you,” the Moon closes her eyes for a moment, her lips moisten in anticipation.

As he brushes her cheek with the soft part of his hand and affectionately withdraws, she slowly opens her eyes and they are one.

The Sun and Moon dance a dance of silent stillness, time stops, there is no noise apart from the sound of their hearts beating synchronously as one rhythm, one vibration.

He tenderly kisses her lips, her cheeks, her neck and says “goodnight my love”.
As the Sun lets go of her hands, fingertips touch, he walks away the Moon watches his heart glow in the distance, she is loved, she is safe, she switches out the lights, gazes upon the stars and shines with her own light.

As she opens her eyes as morning becomes her, she awaits the return of her love for each morning she knows he returns to dance with her again.

Stuart Smith © 2013



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