Sometimes in life!

Sometimes in life, you have to grow beyond your wildest imaginings.

It often takes great sorrow and misery to finally realise your true potential, to live your dreams, to create a joyous reality not only because you want it, but out of necessity.

I have found that by living your truth, being the real you, gives you a greater acceptance of you, the inner strength and courage to love your self first, as without first loving your self how can one expect anyone else to.

Do not feel selfish for thinking of you first, it is not about not caring for others or not being compassionate, it is about being true to your self and then by doing so you can be true to others, aiding them in their healing and their growth.

If you are flying through clouded skies, long for kisses that hold no lies.
Are wanten for Human touch, a love that yearns, a love that grows.
Seeds that spawn almighty trees, pathways that feel the breeze.
First speak with that inner child, hold them close for a while.
Tell your self that it’s okay, don’t be afraid to cry all day.

Reach out with your heart, it is okay to start again.
It is okay to not pretend, that everything is fine.
I like fine wine, need time to restore the natural chemical balance.
To sit and wait for the time to come, when you’re enjoyed by all and one.

Once you are happy with you, there is no way that you’ll be glued.
To old thoughts, behaviours that have become you.
Your higher self doth know you, listen to your inner voice.
It will give you an honest choice.

It’s up to you to be the best you can, a better woman, a better man.
So take a walk, a walk with me, lets find out our destiny.
Lets hold hands and dance and sing, write, prance, try new things.
Play, laugh blow bubbles, who cares if it gets you in trouble.

To be you is all you should strive for.
Open the doorway to your soul.
It is the only way that you can grow.
And now I long, for heart-felt love.

And angels speak from high above.
They speak of aeons past.
They speak of love that will always last.
They speak these words to me, so self I heal and wait for thee.

Blessed be, Stuart.

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