Grounding Experiment

On the way back from town I bumped into a tree that had sadly been split in half by a lightning bolt during the storms, I felt the urge to go and hug it for a while, I placed my hand on the tree and sent my intentions for it to heal, time seemed to slow, I could feel the energetic communication between us, I’ve no idea how long I’ve been standing there for but now I’m feeling an inner peace and gratitude, as I walked away I heard the tree thank me, I turned smiled and thanked it back.

As from tomorrow I’m going to start blogging my very own grounding experiment based on the grounded video posted previously, where by I’ll spend ten to twenty minutes everyday feet in the Earth.

I’m hoping to report this for the month of November but am going to commit to one week to start with.

I’m also doing online source and reiki courses and have remedies that I’m using each day that where made with love.

Let’s see how self healing and healing powers of intent and Mother Earth compare to the pharmaceuticals I won’t be taking.

Love and light.

Grounded 7 Days 7 Chakras – Day 1

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