Grounded 7 Days 7 Chakras

Welcome to my Grounding Experiment Day 1 of 7 Base Chakra

Original idea came from this video on Films for action

The Base Chakra or Root Chakra is associated with the colour red, it is located at the bottom of your spine and is your place of survival, safety and connection with the Earth.
Your Base / Root Chakra is your foundation and it helps you to be grounded and feel safe.


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  2. amras888 · November 4, 2013

    Great post , Stuart. Nice to hear your voice. I’ve been doing similar work in our garden, during the warm weather. It was very effective at relieving pain and swellings. The garden responds too. It’s too cold for me now, but I wish you good luck, and fast progress in this work.

    • Fibromyalgia Awareness · November 4, 2013

      Thank you kindly Sir, it’s defiantly working for pains of both body and mind, you’re right it’s damn cold lol

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