Back to the Source (Ho’oponopono)

Back to the Source (Ho’oponopono)

English: Managing emotions - Identifying feelings

Say the Source Mantra out loud to your self, The Source healing mantra can evoke emotions that we can deal with in the now by simply using EFT and tapping on meridian points, as I repeat these words I tap on my heart chakra as a way to release.

This is a slightly modified version.

Source Mantra (Repeated out loud to your self whilst tapping over the heart chakra)

I’m sorry,
Please forgive me,
I forgive my self,
I love you,
I love my self,
I thank you,
As I thank my self.

If this resonates with you and feelings and or emotions come up repeat the process whilst continuing to tap on your heart centre.

For more information on source healing please check out the links below for FREE and professional tuition and spiritual guidance.

Reboot your brain uses EFT, binaural audio and cardio vascular dance to energise your centre and reprogram your mind with positive affirmations to music, get your groove on, heal your mind, body and soul.

This free self-healing audio and video includes powerful technologies such as EFT, Qi-Gong, Binaural entrainment sound technology, and the amazingly simple Brain Wave Vibration as discussed in the book Brain Wave Vibration, by IIchi Lee.
For more details visit our sister site

Free Reboot your brain Video and Audio

Source Info:
Please see
The apply here link is lower down the page.

Before applying please see the link above.
Source Application:

Ho’oponopono meditations

Last and defiantly not least if you need professional certification as a source healer or other personal consultation please check out run by the fabulous Janine Regan-Sinclair

Love and blessings, just for today do not anger.

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