Goodbye nightmares hello life!

The Nightmare

So I switch on the computer to find that the ex not only continues to terrorise me but is still in communication with her affair guy, yes she was daft enough to store it in a folder with my name on it, I didn’t go seeking it was simply open and on screen when I awoke the PC after a nightmare at about 3am this morning.

Upon speaking to her of course she denied it, please Shell be true to your self.

I feel relief although somewhat lied to, spirit has been screaming at me for months during my sleep, alarm bells.

At least now I can start the process of me keeping our home with the children and she can move out as I am unable to be any where near her and don’t think it is right that loose my home due to this, the levels of deceit that she implores even shocks me beyond all reality.

I’m in love with a very special woman and finally this situation comes to a conclusion and I can now finish the hard work I have been doing to heal my self with the help of many friends, for this I am eternally grateful, I just wish the children hadn’t suffered so much due to this.

Thank you Shell for all the lessons that you have given me, thank you for the strength I now possess, I wish you happiness and loving kindness, may you find the inner peace you so rightly deserve.

Now I smile as tonight I will sleep knowing that the nightmares will finally go away and I will peacefully transition to where my heart calls me.

Blessings, may God and the holy spirit guide me on my path so that I am true to myself, true to others and always walk my path my calling, that of healing, raising consciousness, vibration and ascension.
May I truly forgive both the antagonists and myself.

Namaste Stu.

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