Hello Mr. Ego

M4 money supply of the United Kingdom 1984–200...

Hello Mr. Ego, how are you today?
None of your business, you hear you self say.
Am I even bothered, do I really like you!
Of course I do, you say out loud, not polity.
But then again, poor me, another day.
It’s your fault, so you’re to blame.
My actions are your responsibility, your shame.
For I am better than you, please like me.
Contradict yourself, then bite me.
I’ll do anything for money, Mr. Ego says.
Chop down the trees, drugs for a sneeze.
Who cares about toxicities, in the sky.
So let all the pain go, rise up and we’ll grow.
They say horses for courses, we’ve got the resources.
To make sure that no being dies.
So not being funny, if we get rid of money.
Government propaganda and lies, that try to control us.
Can only be beaten, by love in abundance.
It’s in each and everyones eyes.
Together ascension is nigh.



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  1. confessionsinart · October 13, 2014

    Nice to meet you 🙂 This was the post that you commented on:


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