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The Door Called ‘Fear’

A wonderfully put story about the emotional baggage we sometimes carry, this story not only brings about reminders or awareness depending on where you are on your path about such baggage, but also gives you a spiritual real world solution with which to deal with your baggage (shirts) one day or one shirt at a time,  absolutely fantastic, I do love you Rosi for sharing such wisdom  and teachings with the world, we are most grateful, I’m sharing this as it will be very healing to many.

The Door Called ‘Fear’ By my favourite Author Rosi Piñeiro

The Master observed the man as he approached.
He carried a big brown suitcase that he was struggling to lift up the stairs.

“Good morning Master, can I ask you some questions?”
“Let us start with one,” replied the Master.
“How many doors do I have to open inside my heart before I am enlightened?”

The Master laughed.

“How many doors do you think there are for you to open?” replied the Master.
“I am not sure, but if I am to look inside my heart, surely I have to open some doors,” he said.
“Your heart is much like this suitcase you carry.
The heavier the suitcase, the more baggage you carry around with you. And it is this baggage that stops you from knowing your heart. I can see from the size of your suitcase and its heaviness, that you carry a big load.”

The following day the man came back to visit the Master carrying the same suitcase and struggled again to lift it up the stairs.

“Good morning Master, can I speak with you again?”
“Go ahead,” replied the Master.
“I am scared to open my suitcase and look within?”
“I see that you have answered your own question,” replied the Master smiling at the man.
“Yes Master, there is only one door for me to open,” said the man.
“Just one,” replied the Master.

The man scratched his head and fell silent.

“Open the suitcase,” said the Master gently.

The man opened the suitcase.

“Now take one thing out,” said the Master.
The man took out a shirt.
“Good, now do this every day and soon you will know your heart,” replied the Master walking away.

Rosi Piñeiro – 2nd January 2013

For more of Rosi’s wonderful creativity you must visit:
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