Every night we dream of love

I wish upon a star, I dream each night of life as us.
Synchronicities  a plenty, our love knows it’s a must.
Across galaxies I’ve traveled, drawn closer to your being.
A deeper understanding, of non corporeal existence.

Before I share my body, before I share my soul.
I must trust, not shoot or bust, that forever we’ll be true.
My feelings will matter, my heart you will not shatter.
My body is my temple, will it be sacred to you?

There’s only one Moon in my sky, a very special light.
To know her is to love her,  each and every night.
A love based on loving ones self, a trusting truth.
Dreams of forever loving each other, eternally with light.

I awake in morning with your memory in my mind.
A smile comes a plenty, I let go a gentle happy sigh.
To know you is enough, if all is meant to be.
For I love you anyway, and will make you see.

That true love wants nothing, but to be loved in return.
To enjoy our fun and laughter, conversations where we learn.
That we have time a plenty, for our love to grow and bloom.
Thats not to say I’d rather,  just kiss you really soon!

Stuart Smith © 2014

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