Goodbye Old Paint

He feels a wave of fear hit him as memories of happenings most disturbing suddenly become his awareness, he breathes deeply softly and rides the wave of emotions that have suddenly become him, senses on full alert he can even smell the silence, as hairs stand upon his arms, he takes note that he is love and only his love can save him.

He asks softly and kindly for the assistance of Archangel Michael he asks that healing light be kindly and lovingly sent to his aid.
He asks for the removal of this fear, of this memory, that lessons learned are honoured and remembered.

The angel replies “fear is not real, fear is an illusion that the mind creates to protect its self, it is not happening now, therefore it cannot hurt you, you are love.”

He bows his head with gratitude and thanks the Archangel, he feels the love, the comfort, the security from the angel and knows that he is safe, he knows that he can now let go of torturous memories that serve him no purpose, he knows that it is time to rid the illusions of yesterday, sit upright gratefully in the world in which he already humbly thrives each and everyday.

With love in his heart, he takes release.
Time stands still as tears well up in his eyes, he waits, silently…
As each water drop falls like leaves in the wind, he knows he breaths easier and gains strength with each and every molecule of water.

He smiles, wipes his eyes and is free.

Stuart Smith © 2014

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