Gratitude of the now

So today has been a rather upsetting set off circumstances that have led me to release the last of the attachment for the Children’s Mother, I have changed my wording from ex to Children’s Mum as this feels much better and does not have a past attachment to it like the ex does.

Suddenly I feel gratitude for lessons learned and an inner strength that must have always been there within me that gritty determination not to fail!
I have discovered that I not only do not need any one but am actually a better version of me than ever before, with love in my heart for my self I am ready to love another truly.

The children’s Mum promised again to help me out this morning she was supposed to arrive at 09:00 funny the time that symbolises the end is the time she chose to let me down once again.

There was no reason for her to promise that she would help me with shopping and the children’s washing, so up early I was and low and behold she did not attend or even let me know why.

Thank you Shell I give gratitude today for the lessons that you have bought to my awareness I release my attachment to you today after all that is all that it was, I know what love is and what love feels like having recently fallen in love, I have love in my heart for a woman whose light shines brighter than any human being I have ever known, thank you Rosi for helping me stay strong and for loving me unconditionally and for showing me the way without judgment.

I thank you once again Shell for if not for you letting me down today, I may not have realised and gained the inner strength to get the jobs done myself, with a broken leg well recovering fracture it has been a hard slog and a painful day to say the least, my house is a mess but things are still getting done, once my leg is better I intend to strip this place and make it more homely and a better place for Dad and his Children, is there a woman out there who not only would love me but also love my kids for we are a package of three, it takes a very special woman to accept a man and his children and I know I have the love in my heart for my self and my family to attract such a being as I have been dreaming of her and she is light.

Love and light Stu.

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