On A1r

Hi all I have the privilege of going on air details of this exciting opportunity will be coming forthwith!

I’d like to ask for feedback as regards to what topics you all feel would be best discussed, of course as a poet I’ll be having a psychic poetry corner to share those moments of flow that the writer says “I just don’t know where it came from”, all the best work comes like that ask any artist, a  song lyric on a napkin, inspirations expressed in chalk, it’s all about living in the moment and utilising the energy of the now to live your life to the fullest, this is what I want to promote with my New Radio Show, freedom from ego and living in the NOW!

With that said it is a Psychic Radio station, topics I’d like to cover perhaps include such things as.

Everything is energy.
All there is; is Love.
Music and sound, vibrations and their therapeutic use.
Chakras, colours, tones, balancing exercises.
Exploring the healing energies of Humans.
Wisdom, proverbs, quotes and stories from spiritual beings.
Live inner body and self health meditations.
The evolution of consciousness.
Freedom from ego.
Life lessons and tools to help us evolve.
Psychic Newbies (Grounding and protection 101)
Psychic Poetry (Poetry and stories providing healing and wisdom)
Manifestation 101 (Learn how to live life to the max and create your reality)

Weekly Q n A so that we can keep the show in line with the listeners spiritual motivations.

This is just a small example of a few things that immediately spring to mind please give feedback on any ideas you may have, thanks in advance, Blessings, Stu.


  1. amras888 · January 10, 2014

    Perhaps the oneness of the spirit we share would be a good subject Stuart. Sorry I’m a bit late with this suggestion.

    • Fibro · January 11, 2014

      As in the universal spirit each and every Human has within them or more of a connection with the infinite consciousness of the universe trying to understand its self?
      Or perhaps you mean the realm of spirit where elders and ancestors of yesterday guide us.

      • Fibro · January 14, 2014

        Well that’s exactly the kind of topics I’d like to discuss I actually meant in both senses as you describe, I’m aiming for a February start and am building the shows content and structure as we speak 🙂

    • Fibro · January 20, 2014

      Not late at all my friend, we have a few bits and bobs a few gizmo’s to sort out before we launch it but it is defiantly happening, feel free to expand =)

      Thanks for all of your support, you’ve been here right from the get go and always share my work, thank you kindly Sir, bows gracefully.

  2. amras888 · January 14, 2014

    As in the universal spirit that lives within us.

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