Love your friends the friends you love

In life you come across and meet many different kinds of people,  you might not even meet in the real world, and that is an odd thing because the connection you have with them relies solely on what they say and not what you feel from their body language interaction.

Considering that if I remember correctly about 90% of communication is body language I can only conclude that somehow the very essence of the person can and is transmitted via text, you can feel their sincerity or falseness, their weariness and happiness, even if they simply replied with “Had a good day thanks, u?” via text you can tell, well I can at least how they are feeling, therefore am able to connect with them and truly feel their genuineness.

Every now and again from your perspective at least you just click with someone, you can’t really put it into words or logically comprehend your attraction to their energy simply by commonality of the stuff you both like and do alone.

You may have fun together, even feel sexually attracted to them and I believe that when you feel these things they are, there is an ‘isness’ about feelings that is completely in the present moment and goes much further than words alone, at that moment you are one, an understanding, an inner love for their very being.

You know recently I have been as they call it friend zoned, at first it actually hurt my feelings because I had well still am in love with her.
However she still wanted to remain friends, yeah, yeah we’ve all heard that before haven’t we, but in this case the offer was genuine.

Despite the fact I risk our friendship sometimes because I’m over come with desire our friendship has grown and you know what, I love her even more for it, the more she slowly reveals her self to me the more I reveal my self to her, those moment of I want to know more about you, a curiosity has developed.

They say how can you be lovers if you can’t be friends, listen guys take that seriously, having a good woman in your life as a friend is an absolute blessing, so don’t be stupid enough to let your ego be ignorant enough not to carry on your friendship with her because you may feel rejected, if you do truly love her be with her, she wants to invest her time in you or she wouldn’t be doing so.

You know what there is no better loving feeling than two beings just being in fact relationships of every level require give and take and are seldom perfect, sometimes you are gonna piss each other off, the best people, the ones I love the most are the people who know the real me, love the real me, but still they are surprised by my randomness, humour and intense loving and although they might want to behead me sometimes because to be fair I have fucked up grandiose, I don’t do things by halves you know, at the end of the day we are still there for each other, theres a trust.

“I like friends who have independent minds because they tend to make you see problems from all angles”
Nelson Mandela From an unpublished autobiographical manuscript, written on Robben Island, 1975 ‪#Evolve101‬

At the end of the day other people enhance your life, they don’t make it, do your best to enhance theirs and if your love is not reciprocated, just love them more just for who they are and let them on their journey, what will be will be, however comma!

Love and light Stu.

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