The Indigo Victim Cycle – Victim Consciousness

I have had this problem for most of my life, however I’ve been working on Victim Consciousness now since early 2011 among other things, as an indigo without it I would never have “woken up”

A serious amount of shit has happened to me the last three years Since 11:11:11 and I’m pleased to say that with the broken leg just before the new year I’ve cleared it karmically so I’m told by Spirit completely, purely physical healing to do now, and some mental work on confidence as we enter the Age of Aquarius.

Whatever pain you may have physical, metal spiritual etc, it does belong to you, own it, accept it, surrender to it, then let it go with Love, forgiveness and compassion.

Enjoy the article, it’s not dissimilar to my own experiences growing up as an Indigo Child, Light Blessings, Stu.


The Indigo Victim Cycle

Copyright (c) 2013 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved.
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My Indigo children were often bullied by other children and victimized by their life circumstances. My oldest son had ADD at a time when it was thought to be a mental disability. I fought hard to keep him out of special needs classes where he would not get the education he needed. He was bullied by his classmates because he was ‘different’. I worked hard to keep him safe and spent a lot of time and energy protecting my children from those who wanted to hurt them. And with all of these experiences, my son went headfirst into a victim cycle.

He grew from a victimized child into a victimized adult who was always involved in some kind of drama. Even though he was no longer a child, he was still living with the bullying and limitations and I was still protecting him. One day I realized that I was holding the victim energy for him and that wasn’t helping him to release the cycle. So we had a talk and I said that I would support him but not as a victim. Whatever happened, he was going to have to find a positive way of dealing with it because that is how I was going to see him, as a powerful person capable of living beyond his childhood limitations.

Initially, it was hard to not go into protective mom mode and agree with how mean others were to him and how the world wasn’t meeting his needs. But if  he was to move beyond being a victim, I would have to hold a different energetic space for him, even if he was still thinking and acting in the old way. Whenever he shared a victim experience with me, I steered his thinking in another direction. What had he done to allow this to happen, where had he been de-valuing or not asserting himself and what could he do differently? In time he learned that the victim cycle would perpetuate as long as he was willing to be in it and he had to choose something different.

Indigos respond to the world in one of two ways, they are either victims or they rise above it. It all depends on the kind of energy they hold for themselves and others hold for them. While we want to be sympathetic and helpful, we have to be willing to hold the energetic space for our children to be powerful, successful and happy, even if they are stuck in a victim cycle and nowhere close to that right now. And eventually, as my son did, they will become those things and learn what it feels like to be powerful. Then they will step into their power and learn to share their gifts with the world in more powerful, self affirming ways.

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