I visited the new shiny automated doors and lights, detention centre looking building that adult and child services in Basingstoke have moved to, I do not understand why a new shiny building in the middle of Chineham was even required as the bus accessibility is much lower than for the town centre where it was previously situated.

Check out the lovely new accessible shiny slippery floors, not suitable for people witch crutches or walking aids.

Adult and Child Services Building Basingstoke

All citizens requiring such services from all around Basingstoke could get a single bus to the building located in the middle of the town centre where as now a lot of the most vulnerable people of Basingstoke, elderly, disabled and children last but not least now will have significantly longer and more tedious journeys increasing the stress of attaining help and assistance.

Then there is the building design itself, it was wet and I am on crutches, the outside paths where somewhat slippery and I had to pay caution to where I placed the walking aids.

Upon entering the building I was met by a wonderfully shiny marble looking floor, of course the wet crutches from the outside was slipping all over the place and I had to wait by the doors for some ten minutes or so whilst drying of the rubber on the bottom of the crutches just to be able to safely navigate the shiny floored surfaces.

All this before I have even got to the meeting and they wonder why people are flustered and dismayed upon arrival.

The previous building was not a shiny new prison looking thing, it was more like an office block but you could enter from street level in the town centre meaning a lot of residents could walk there with their careers or children.

Also the building of course has moved, however apart from the new address atop of the letter I never knew the location had changed and actually missed a very important appointment with child services as I attended the wrong building, they are able to write in BLOCK capitols aggressive threats of compliance but couldn’t use the same tactics to inform attendees the building had moved.

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