For the Love of Stars

I’ve considered if it’s fantasy, considered if its real.
It matters not either way, because that’s the way I feel.

Light met with serendipity, serenity, spontaneously
Beautiful, middle of know where, along a winding road.

Pow wow energy was high, lightened up the room.
Journeyed Bear and Owl, Ascended Masters soon.

A friend of mine, a pantomime, space rocket for a ride.
The four legged man knew we can, enjoy, for it’s our night.

In my dreams you touch me, in the middle of the night.
To lay with you my star seed bride, duality ignites.

Dreams come true they say, perhaps they meet each night.
For always are connected, beings of the light.

We accept each other, for what we really are.
Beings from another realm who’ve traveled really far.

Across seas of stars and galaxies, from every corner doth it loom.
The glory being only love, love our vibration, Sun and Moon.

By Stuart Smith 2014

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