Synchronistic joyous nowness

Got to love the Universe manifesting is so sweet people, live in the now, be present with the abundance, see all the beautifully synchronistic opportunities that present them selves not only from a place of love by the situation to which you find your self, whilst feelings of joy and gratitude become your very being, for this is living, thriving, loving every second of life, the learning growing journey, an evolution of mind, body, spirit and soul

This week I thank The Ascended Masters for their guidance, their patience, their wisdom and their profound outer bodily experiences of love, I have travelled instantaneously across the universe in a flash of knowledge, like a download and upload synchronously processing, witnessing and experiencing healing and vibrations of the purest forms.

The wrong application downloaded the wrong magazine.
Only it was the right magazine because it lead to energy healing, teaching and enlightenment.

I bumped into Shambhalla Reiki, Oneness vibration, duality and flames.

Diamond and miracle vibrations, attunements many, love and light feels me with life.

Good deeds a many, to council do I go, help is on its way from the normal man you know.

Bumped into a good friend, another being of light, chatted a coffee, spoke later that night.

A message from a stranger, Senegal festival town.
Drummer light, rainbow sound, dancing through the night.

I am honoured and excited, humbled and courteous, Stu.

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