A million tear drops

A million tear drops roll down his face.
He feels lonely in this cold old place.
He gathers his worth from within his soul.
Silently ponders, realise no control.

Surrendering to the pain within.
He wipes the tears from off his chin.
Awaits true love as it’s within.
His heart, his soul, his body, his mind.

Time stops still till love does he find.
He sees her face within his dreams.
He is sure she dreams of him.
Dreams come true you know, so they’ll happen in the end.

What will be will be each tear does say.
Please fix my broken heart.
Only love can make him safe.
Desires a brand new start.

Please my love my flower.
Now that we have bloomed.
Let our seed of love join together.
Twin girls will be born real soon.

Duality is reality, we both made that mistake.
Of thinking that we had met, our soul mate.
In lives before we loved each other.
We both know this is true.

Valentines comes along.
He wants to spend it with you.
Cupids Arrows fire rapidly.
In many a direction.

There is no choice of another.
As no other woman comes close.
To unconditional love from angels above.
He knows she feels it too.

Another million tears drops fall.
As his aching heart shows.
That the love he has within him.
Not withers but grows.

As each and every day that pass.
The stronger he becomes.
She recognises he is the one.
They always have much fun.

To be or not to be they say.
I say that I will be.
Eternally by your side
My flame, my duality.

Stuart Smith 2014

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