Pain in my fingers

I have pain in fingers.
Aching in my toes.
My elbows are bruised.
Tears run down my nose.

My entire bodies hurting.
I can hardly type.
But I’ve got to write it down.
So it don’t become a gripe.

I’m feeling really lonely.
Fatigued and down and blue.
Something that you told me.
Broke my heart in two.

And on the day of love.
You left.
Never again.
Will we cross the path of guile.

As swords of ice cut out his heart.
Both cold with torn and bitter.
Revenge is not the way.
So he tried hard to forgive her.

But she was rather angry.
Some what mental and retarded.
Bloody war, smashed glass door.
Slashed wrist and scars discarded.

Now free I am from misery.
To fight another day.
With love in my heart.
I do start, to love life each and every way.

Stuart Smith Feb, 15, 2014

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