World Wide March against corruption LONDON MARCH 2014

Hi all, don’t know about you but I am tired of sitting on my arse watching posts on Facebook saying just how badly the dang governments are doing regarding the floods, rant over.

6 deep breaths and light worker energy activates.

How do we creatively use this massive global weather war and sad Gaia catastrophe, which by the way in my intuitive opinion is designed to wash away all the paper money and create a global digital one.

To instead spread the word of Human Beings as the only resource to fix it, the resource of local people who know what they need fixing and in what order, unlike a bunch of politicians and DOD blokes with guns, whom of course are appreciated to keep the peace and lift heavy stuff, but ultimately the people that live there locally know what their priories are and should be enabled by the DOD not told to sit over there why we figure out how you don’t want it done.

Using the resources of their very selves, people power, boots on the ground to help and assist the vulnerable needy people whom are so wet at the moment even the DOD can’t help them if the papers are anything to go by.

So… instead of posting letters and complaints and other such red tape bureaucracy whilst people freeze to death I ask you all to help with this because it is disasters like this that we the people, the resources based people, the off the griders, the TVP people, the ZTM people that have the resources to fix it, it is the age of aquarius now lets start DOING.

Any and all comments suggestions and offerings of how we can help the worst flooded areas is greatly received, Namaste.

World Wide March against corruption LONDON MARCH 2014

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