Indigo Children

Indigo Eyes

Indigo Eyes, are eyes that see.
Many a life have trodden.
No fear have we, for love is all.
No need to speak of sodden.

From stars afar we travel light.
Rainbows our destination.
Our egos free.
We be, blessed in our wisdom.

Blessed in the now.
Thankful for the day.
Grateful for our lessons.
For times when we might sway.

Glory to the Universes.
Synchronistic ways.
Manifest they say.
Is easy, just to be.

Feel it, live in your mind
As if reality.
The emotions and joys.
That this doth bring.

Will make you shine in ways.
That you will recognise.
By complete surprise.
For the rest of your days.

Message of love we do share.
Equality for all.
I offer you sisters and brothers.
Love Universal.

Stuart Smith 2014

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