What is self? A Hindu / Buddhist perspective

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Today sisters and brothers we have a wonderful video from Alan Watts.

What is self?

A Hindu / Buddhist perspective.

Karma the law of doing!

Evolve your consciousness, use the resources of your own mind to control your own destiny, by accepting the views of others and understanding that we are all Humans, we are all equal.

Seeing things from a different perspective allows us to have the freedom to choose our own experiences, our own ways, to enjoy our lives.

Resources for all, opportunities for all beings of every faith and complexity.
These are the aims and goals of the Money Free Party to evolve us a Humans to a resource based economy, a huge network of people doing good for each other, creating wealth not with money but by action, by liberation, by having the freedom to be you we will have a better money free world with resources enough for all.

After all ladies who wouldn’t want a hand carved present on valentines by hubby and guys imagine the time you could spend with your children instead of the bump and grind of work for cash.

Think of your hobbies most of us wouldn’t give these up with or without money, I play guitar and there is no way in the world, even if I didn’t have a guitar for some reason or another I would stop music, I’d bang the floor, make a drum, because music is a part of my very soul, what makes you feel this way?
Want to do more of it?

What is it you do that you probably would love to do more of, that you would have to do with or without money, football, shopping, painting, paint balling?

It does not matter what your passion our money based world is designed to not allow us time to just be us, this is one way a community would differ in a resource based economy, people would be doing more of what they are passionate about and get really good at it too.

We can not argue that banker and corporate greed is responsible for the most traumatic and disturbing actions towards the beings of this planet, and the Earth Mother her self, yet it is common knowledge that just in wars alone the resources used could have solved a large proportion of the planets problems to date.

Time for us, the people to create our own resources the power of us, lets use our Human Resources to build a better world now, get in contact with us to find out how you can learn to manage the resources in your area better, after all you live there right?

By becoming a candidate for the Money Free Party – UK you can start to make a real positive difference to how the resources in your area are managed.

Enjoy the short film.

By Stuart Smith.
Press and Media Relations.

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