Resourced Based Economy

Written by Christine Rbe Thindi:

Financial troubles everywhere,
give you no time to be aware,
of what it is that causes it,
and it all seems so legit,
indoctrinations keep you caught
in a state of fearful thought.
Money makes the world go round,
it’s what keeps the food abound,
keeps us clothed and in a home,
without it, streets we’d have to roam,…
sleep on the pavement, starve to death,
feel misery till our last breath.
We have to keep a job or two,
enough banknotes will see you through,
will pay the taxes and the bills,
bliss awaits behind the hills,
make more money to get by
but guess what? It’s all a lie!

Money causes suffering,
destroys your soul and everything,
the planet is about to die,
economic growth has to be high,
exploitation is a must,
if profits are not to go bust.
What is the use if very soon,
Earth will look like its own moon,
your children will not have a future,
just because your lifestyle suits ya,
but look at it, does it make you happy?
Or do you feel stressed and rather crappy?
You are a slave to this whole thing,
full of worry and suffering.
Half the world has it even worse,
they always have an empty purse.

But did you know, there’s a better way,
where no one can be lead astray,
where everyone on planet earth
lives healthy, happy right from birth,
no stress, no force, no crime, no war,
where all our spirits are free to soar.
Technology will do the jobs,
robots won’t turn into mobs,
most work’s already automated
so why not call the rest outdated?
Let’s just end the reign of money,
and I’m not trying to be funny.
Without it we would all be wealthy,
happy, free and very healthy.
All we need to set us free
is a Resource Based Economy!

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