Our Love

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Our Love, By Stu.

My light it dims, as early the hour sings.
My light hampers down at dusk.
My light, its power diminished.
My light, never forgotten.

My heart, sings loudly.
My heart, feels your calling.
My heart, wants your body.
My heart, waits for the journey.

Our souls, they know each other.
Our souls, can live apart.
Our souls, don’t need each other.
Our souls, this life will start.

Our love, blossoms, in our absence.
Our love, forever blooms.
Our love, sows its seeds.
Our love, waters loves roots.

Our dreams, we are together.
Our dreams, we are as one.
Our dreams, we are duality.
Our dreams, Moon and Sun.

For together we are energy.
For ever light united.
For we can feel at distance.
For our love is connected.

Across time and space.
Higher than the mountains.
Further than the Universe.
More droplets than a fountain.

My light it shines once again.
And now I feel brand new.
So I wrote this poem down.
To shine some back at you.

By Stuart Smith Feb 24th 2014

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