Every Human has rights!

Basingstoke Local Authority infringes Human Rights (HATE CRIME CHILD ABUSE)

‪#‎HumanRights‬ ‪#‎ChildrensRights‬ ‪#‎MoneyFreeWorld‬

As far as I am aware UK Human Rights that by the way are not adhered to are mainly from the EU and International Law, again if I remember correctly and please update my memory if it is incorrect by leaving the EU and that is what they want us to do we will have hardly any Human Rights at all, for example in my case right now I can not report a child abuse and disability hate crime to the Police or the NSPCC as it was Basingstoke Local Authority representatives (Child Services) whom committed it, and I can only write a letter to the said corporation yet if I was to do any of those things, I would be arrested immediately, as a corporation they are in control of the Police and legislation this is what they Police them selves with, I have no idea how to even report my crimes as this is an Infringement of my Childrens and my own Human Rights under International and EU law maybe even the Geneva Convention as we are at war however what chance do I have of having these criminals punished?

They can’t give us Human Rights in this country because if they did we could have them arrested for not providing the rights to food, shelter and water as many homeless people, vulnerable and needy just can’t afford to supply these for them selves because of money, that is their get out clause, not my fault blame some one else after all, how is it our fault they starved or froze to death because we cut their benefits and they had no money, get a job?

That is an infringement of Human Rights but sounds to me remarkably like ATOS.

Basic Human Needs should be provided FREE at no money cost or else how can you make sure every Human gets them?

Instead of selling grain for profit lets use the money to build sustainable gardens and solar etc, so that the third world and the vulnerable can feed and shelter them selves without the need for aid, actually reducing the debt and the problem, the exploitation of their resources and massive debt creates gratitude for scraps and cheap labour.


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