Be, Be

Be, Be by Stu

Be with me, be subtle, be flexible, be adaptable.
Be like the tree whose branches bend in the wind, mindful of your purpose.
Rather than living life like brittle twigs that break off in a gale.
Treat each experience as a lesson, a learning, a moment of oneness.
Regardless of the outcome when coming from a place of oneness.
With love you find your strength to be whom you are.

What you resist persists, accept the present moment for life is now, step back to a place of witnessing, a place of calmness, stillness, become the observer.

Are you your thoughts, feelings and emotions when you react, when you break like a brittle twig?

Or are you able to flow with the wind, dance through life, evolve, become, ascend?

From sufferer to survivor to thriver you become.


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