Blame EGO

Regardless of BLAME, a socially conditioned construct in my opinion, used to divide and conquer, that even our governments use to void all responsibility and pass the buck, Human lives are being lost, children, whole families, this is not a problem of one location but one of an entire planets lack of evolution, empathy and compassion, as most are simply stuck in a place of apathy due to their own unconscious thought processes and /or negative self beliefs.

It is their fault, look what they did, they did it to me, why me, my God is bigger than your God are all realms of the ego, it is about time we evolved consciously past the place of being nothing more than an automated response triggered by thought processes, possibly of false beliefs or socio-economic conditions to a place of witnessing, to observe, to be.

WE are Human Beings however our current philosophy that is globally manifesting on this realm is that of a HUMAN the thing, the object, a possession, we are not persons of fiction, nor are we possessions..

Where is the being in Human Being?

Life is this very moment, not yesterday or tomorrow but NOW.

When we all awaken to the concept that living in this very instant, is our lives and not the blame, the resentment or the my story of yesterday, we can move forwards, evolve, spiritually, mentally and work as one people, one planet after all we all do live here.

I am tired of my football team is better than yours, or my country is better than yours, it is okay to be different, to be unique, we do not all have to agree or even be right or wrong, what matters is that we work towards the greater good of all beings, namaste.

Love and Light 11 ❤ ❤ ❤ 11 Stu (Homo Evolutis)


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