“David Cameron” the ‪#‎poem‬ by Stu

David Cameron” the ‪#‎poem‬ by Stu.

My name iz Dave I’m a banksta
I’ll frack your home coz i iz a wanka
IDS is my bitch don’t give ATOS.
Iraq again fuck throw a molotov.
Ho hum we love war.
More profits through my doors.
Freezing elderly fuck em.
I just made Cardiff an asylum.
Paid my self 11%
Disabled dead can’t pay rent.
So I leave my kid in the pub.
Food banks now people can’t afford grub.
Millions spent on a new war.
Profit in pockets of you and your whores.
Rapping the planet of all that it is.
Just to shit on gold toilet lids.
But now we wake up and see through your lies.
We wake up and remove the disguise.
Stand up to the media.
Propaganda hysteria.
Fuck them all.
We have bigger balls.
Hope in our hearts.
Never will we be divided apart.
United we start.
Divided we fall.
Just because of opinion?
Don’t make me your minion.

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