“Made in your land! a vote for YOU!” A video by Stu.

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“Made in your land! a vote for YOU!” A video by Stu.
This is NOT a party political broadcast…

A short informative video on helping yourself and meeting your basic Human needs in the United Kingdom.

Money Free Party

Love and light 11 11 Om, Shanti, Salam

ACT NOW Against corruption

David Cameron is a criminal

David Cameron is a criminal as he has sanctioned changes to the systems of this country that infringe on the basic Human rights of the most needy and vulnerable citizens of the United Kingdom.

I and others are suffering, I ask if you know of anyone that can assist in taking this criminal to court under the Human rights act, specifically relating to the right to shelter, food and water.

Please contact, with your story and what you would like to do about it, or if you have any legal information that could help us take this to Parliament.