Looking for work

Looking for work: call on UK +44 (0)7414 99 40 82

IT, Websites, upgrade advice, social marketing.
Spiritual healing, readings via phone or private messages, Reiki and Chakra Balancing.

I am open for any kind of exchange if you are on a low income or zero income as many others our now, including myself, please do not hesitate to contact and I am sure we can work something out.

Things are getting desperate now my friends due to governments inhumain social security policies all income has ceased for some months, leaving me in a place where I have to get electric, gas and food in ASAP, I am offering my services to help my self and my children.

I am a professional in need and have the skills and ability to make a difference, references are available on request.

If any of you know of any one that requires any of the above please call on 07414 99 40 82

If any of you would like to comment on my gifts and skills that you have experienced in the past please feel free to do so, thank you.

Love and light Stuart.

Serenity Centre

Serenity Centre

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