Spare any change #poem

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“Spare any Change” a #poem by Stu Art.

Enjoy ūüėČ

“Spare any change” a #poem by Stu.

Excuse me mate, spare any change?
It’s cold I’m hungry, just want a coffee.
Fuck off get a job, ain’t sharing my toffee.
But I had a house, a job, a good wage.
Tough luck mate, must be your age.
Perhaps your disabled?
Never mind, I’ve got lots to spare.
But with you, I’ll not share.
I’ll tell you to fuck off, walk past with a stare.
Tell the kids to, ignore you there.
Sleeping in the doorways, empty houses loads of them.
Bankers save them, for profits golden.
Free food, why should they have it?
Had to pay for mine, they should to.
Don’t matter, he has only one shoe.
Money is not what we need.
Food, shelter, freedom from greed.
Lets hide the poverty, killing games for profits.
News papers say nada, cuts of austerity.
Slitting the throats, of the family.
I won’t be silenced, my voice not diluted.
Not use violence, nor be polluted.
To be human, ain’t convoluted.
Wake up, be free.
Share the love, with your global family.
Don’t run, from the confusion.
Don’t divide us, with their illusion.
Unite as one, sisters and brothers.
Uncles and aunties, father’s and mothers.
Of stolen children, be brave.
We will, seize the day.
A day of oneness, equality for all.
It all starts with, one and all.
Just being human, just for one day.
Lets rid the world, of judgment and blame.
No more conditioning, no lies.
No more bloody noses, no more tears from sad eyes.
In this world of abundance, I know for sure.
That stealing resources, from those that are poor.
Making huge profits, selling weapons of war.
Is not the way, of the evolved.
No pensions, for those who are old.
We want peace, freedom, war to end.
Once greed has gone, we can start to mend.

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#opCameron #opUKGOV #opBritain

Chi energy healing.

I do #Reiki to master teacher level, today I send everyone and every being a love and light chi ball of beautiful blue light.

The healing light will only heal what is needed, go where wanted, and will only last until it’s no longer required, the intentions set are for the greater good of all beings.

The chi ball will help you to stay with love in the present moment, when washing machine head becomes you, know you are not your thoughts, feelings or emotions but the awareness of them.

Thoughts, feelings and emotions are only you if you choose to react giving them the power of action.

When thoughts are draining your spirit pop them into a little pink box, tie a beautiful ribbon around the box, place the box with the thought onto a small sailing boat that sits on a calm gentle river, watch the boat with the box of thought sail slowly off into the distance, just before the boat goes out of site there is a water fall, watch as the boat topples over the edge, repeat this process until you are at one with your thoughts.

Try not to give them any other energy or attention as doing so creates more thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Although we must not close off or shutdown our feelings and emotions we must evolve to a place where they enhance our being strengthening our resolve as raising our vibration, becoming less reactive and more proactive equates to a more egalitarian viewpoint and a more evolved consciousness.

Shanti, love and light, Stu.

Just for today, let go of blame.

I love you, I love You; I Love YOU!

I love you, I love You; I love YOU!

But what does it mean?

love | ləv | noun

1 An intense feeling of deep affection:
Babies fill parents with intense feelings of love
Their love for their country.

A deep romantic or sexual attachment to someone:
It was love at first sight.
They were both in love with her.
We were slowly falling in love .

( Love ) A personified figure of love, often represented as Cupid.

A great interest and pleasure in something:
His love for football.
We share a love of music.

Affectionate¬†greetings conveyed to someone on one’s behalf.
A formula for ending an affectionate letter:
Take care, lots of love, Stu.

2 A person or thing that one loves:
She was the love of his life
Their two great loves are tobacco and whiskey.

Great! We have a clinical description, but how does it feel?
Hmm, I’m a man, what do I know about love? Right?

Lets explore and find out…

I realised something whilst attempting to have a bath today, that made me pop out of it ASAP and hit my keyboard, this blogging’s getting infectious!

I ponder on lots of things, this ones lovingly constructive ūüėČ

When you say; I love you!

Usually with a passing glance you say those words as a gesture of goodwill and companionship, they can even become a chore in certain circumstances unfortunately.

Such as:  After a lovers tif you humbly mumble, I love you under your breath, then proceed to slam the door shut and leave the building.

A response is expected but not always warranted or required.

Such as: See you later, I love you, as you hang up the phone.
Make the effort to mean it if you do say it, if not perhaps ask your self, am I even in love at all?

Upon receiving a response, you feel a comfort, a harmonious joy, that you are loved and cared for, hopefully the feelings mutual.

And that’s usually it my friends, however!

Do we all not want a deeper understanding of love?
Well, today, I was lucky enough to receive one.

Shell gave me a gift today, I shall treasure it for life and share with whom ever is listening.

Shell said; I love, I love you, I love you repeatedly, over and over again, each time she said it, I could feel it more, her voice became more gentle, genuine, compassionate, our eyes met, then pulled together like magnets, we gazed into each others eyes, I began to hang on every word, we kissed lips softly, our breath began to quicken.

This was my conclusion, the first time that you tell someone whom you love, I love you, your expectant, once they respond, you move to admiration and soon affection.

You are both now really paying attention to each other, “kick him off the TV”, looking into each others eyes, emotions start to form.

At this stage your ready to listen to them completely and are almost ‘under their spell‘.

Your probably feeling sensual and erotic right now, I know I was.

By repeatedly telling someone very close to you that you love them, you will find that each time you say it, a deeper, more passionate and stronger message will come across.

I am certain that repeatedly telling your partner, relative or dear friend that you love them today will get you the attention you require of them and make them feel wonderful in the process.

So go on, really tell someone you love them, by loving them as you say it, by saying it over and over.

Us Humans rely on multiple stimuli to process the world, so use what you have to spread your message of love, don’t waste it by tossing it from across the room, get in close, face them, hold their hands, let them know how much you love them by saying it repeatedly and with good intention.

Love you, Stu.

Every Day

Here is your morning cup of Dalia Lama jo with extra milk of human kindness.  Have a beautiful day!

“Every day, think as you wake up, today I am fortunate to be alive, I have a precious human life, I am not going to waste it.

I am going to use all my energies to develop myself, to expand my heart out to others; to achieve enlightenment for the benefit of all beings.

I am going to have kind thoughts towards others, I am not going to get angry or think badly about others. I am going to benefit others as much as I can.‚ÄĚ

Dalai Lama XIV

By Every Day, Thanks Evantenter

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Happy Birthday Mick – Rest in peace!

It is Shell’s Dad’s birthday today unfortunately he is no longer with us, she posted this picture on my wall of Facebook and I thought I should post it and say some words myself.

Rest in peace Mick we all miss you dearly.

Your gestures, honesty and unique personality have been incorporated into mine. Know that we will always keep apart of you alive in our hearts and within our children part of you lives on.

You never judged anyone and was always there to listen,¬†I am so glad to av nose ya ūüėČ and thank you for giving me such a wonderful family.

A message from Joe, Shell’s brother.

What Blogging Has Taught Me

What Blogging Has Taught Me.