Facebook just announced that it’s going to sell our data

Facebook just announced that it’s going to sell our data to big ad companies. This is a massive and dangerous breach of privacy, for you and for the 1.2 billion other Facebook users out there.

Facebook says it’s doing this so that users can enjoy a more relevant “ad experience,” but in reality it’s because our data is like gold — and Facebook is ready to make millions in profit selling our personal information.

The social media giant has been getting a lot of heat lately for not respecting its users’ right to privacy. The addition of this feature to its website and mobile app is set to come out in the next few weeks. The clock is ticking, but if we act now, we can stop Facebook before it starts.

Tell Facebook not to sell its users’ personal information to big ad companies.

This development comes at a time when the most famous social media company is facing the heat for doing expirements on how to manipulate its users’ emotions. It’s high time Facebook respects our rights as users.

Until now, Facebook has steered clear from directly selling your data to advertisers. The ads you see in the Facebook sidebar come through third-party companies that pilfer your browsing history and populate Facebook with relevant ads. If you just searched for a new pair of sandals, for instance, sandal ads from major shoe companies will probably start to pop up in your sidebar.

That’s annoying, but things are about to get downright creepy. Facebook will be able to track your every move online thanks to a little tracking beacon that works even when you’re logged out of Facebook — it will give it a treasure trove of information about you that advertisers have been dying to get their hands on. And we won’t be able to ignore these new ads, because now they’ll show up right in our news feeds.

Facebook is insisting that the ad feature is an opt-out, but it is a rather tedious process: you have to opt-out in several advertisers websites, and the opt-out is not always working. Plus, when you log into Facebook on another browser or a new computer, you will have to go through the lengthy opt-out process again.

The company also claims that users want to see ads that “are more relevant to their interests,” but we can’t help but think that most users would rather not be stalked online than see more relevant ads.

Facebook should protect the privacy of its users, not sell it away.

Facebook: Protect our right to privacy — do not sell off our information to advertisers.
Thanks for all you do,
Taren, Cami and the team at SumOfUs.org

More information:

“Facebook Is Now Selling Your Web-Browsing Data To Advertisers” Consumerist, June 12, 2014.
“Facebook to track users’ web browsing data for better targeted ads” The Inquirer, June 12, 2014
“How to Stop Facebook From Using Your Browsing History” Gizmodo, June 15, 2014


World Wide March against corruption LONDON MARCH 2014

Hi all, don’t know about you but I am tired of sitting on my arse watching posts on Facebook saying just how badly the dang governments are doing regarding the floods, rant over.

6 deep breaths and light worker energy activates.

How do we creatively use this massive global weather war and sad Gaia catastrophe, which by the way in my intuitive opinion is designed to wash away all the paper money and create a global digital one.

To instead spread the word of Human Beings as the only resource to fix it, the resource of local people who know what they need fixing and in what order, unlike a bunch of politicians and DOD blokes with guns, whom of course are appreciated to keep the peace and lift heavy stuff, but ultimately the people that live there locally know what their priories are and should be enabled by the DOD not told to sit over there why we figure out how you don’t want it done.

Using the resources of their very selves, people power, boots on the ground to help and assist the vulnerable needy people whom are so wet at the moment even the DOD can’t help them if the papers are anything to go by.

So… instead of posting letters and complaints and other such red tape bureaucracy whilst people freeze to death I ask you all to help with this because it is disasters like this that we the people, the resources based people, the off the griders, the TVP people, the ZTM people that have the resources to fix it, it is the age of aquarius now lets start DOING.

Any and all comments suggestions and offerings of how we can help the worst flooded areas is greatly received, Namaste.

World Wide March against corruption LONDON MARCH 2014


two steps forward and three steps backwards

A friend of mine on FaceBook said this on a status today as always flow of wisdom and knowledge comes when it comes, she liked it I decided after reading it to share the comment I posted, enjoy.

She said “two steps forward and three steps backwards….some days…I wish everything would stand still!”

“Everything has an opposite therefore bring to the forefront of the mind that you’ll have days that are three steps forward and two steps back. 
Everything energetically is in equilibrium therefore standing still is sometimes the preference of the aware observer” Stuart Smith

David Cameron is a criminal

David Cameron is a criminal as he has sanctioned changes to the systems of this country that infringe on the basic Human rights of the most needy and vulnerable citizens of the United Kingdom.

I and others are suffering, I ask if you know of anyone that can assist in taking this criminal to court under the Human rights act, specifically relating to the right to shelter, food and water.

Please contact, with your story and what you would like to do about it, or if you have any legal information that could help us take this to Parliament.

Until you learn to heal the wounds of your past, you will continue to bleed into the future.

Nas & Damian Marley – Count your blessings

Until you learn to heal the wounds of your past, you will continue to bleed into the future.

Iyanla Vanzant

Communication Breakdown

Communication Breakdown

Our loves like a record, going round and round.

Mostly plays out smooth, but there’s a warping sound.

No conformity of ideas, so profound.

Conversation with you, it makes me frown.

Got my iMac, my beatbox, its criminal.
My iPhone, it rings like an animal.

There has to be away for us, to get it down.
My heart beats with bass, can you feel it now?

With you in my yard, I can honestly.
Make love, the whole of the holidays.

I know its true, you really want me to.
I can feel it when our bodies, are stuck like glue.

I feel your passion, oh what a feeling.
When my eyes are staring at the ceiling.

So I thought I’d tell, the Human race.
So they can feel our love, from outer space.

That you have, a special quality.
And all I wanna do, is Astronomy.

From the stars in the sky, you reveal it.
Your light of love, is so appealing.

It such a shame, that the only sound.

Within the silence, and the quaking grounds.

Is the sound of anger; frustration;

And resentment from a bitter situation.

Our loves like a record, going round and round.

Mostly plays out smooth, but there’s a warping sound.

No conformity of ideas, so profound.

Conversation with you, it makes me frown.

You met my brother, on Facebook.
I never give his chirp, a second look.

You seemed to like him, I was ignorant.
Inpatient, rotten and virulent.

As I sat there and watched you, drift from me.
I was stuck in my own world, of sodomy.

It wasn’t long, before the big mistake.
You handed yourself over, on a plate.

I thought there’s a chance, we can fix it.
Then pregnant you came home, to mix with.

Trauma and pain, with creation.
A life in the lottery of copulation.

It such a shame, that the only sound.

Within the silence, and the quaking grounds.

Is the sound of anger; frustration;

And resentment from a bitter situation.

Our loves like a record, going round and round.

Mostly plays out smooth, but there’s a warping sound.

No conformity of ideas, so profound.

Conversation with you, it makes me frown.

By Stuart Otway-Smith

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Day Fiftythree:

Got up early again, I still can’t get to sleep at night till some o’clock in the a.m, yet I awake before the kids most mornings, if not only three of four hours after I slept, I’m so tired this week, in fact this month.

Around lunch time, Shell and I had a tiff, pointless argument, she is annoying me a lot lately.

She won’t talk to me, won’t write to me, she will have sex with me, I guess that is all I am worth.

The last day or so I do not really have any desire to get that close to her, just leave me alone to wallow in self pity.

Spent a few hours mixing lyrics I am starting to get the hang of this now, it is a shame my vocals sound like a bunch of drowning cats.

The kids came down and joined in with the mix we had some fun for little while making funny voices.

Shell slept most of the morning on the sofa, the more I write and beg for her to connect with me the further apart she lefts us drift.


I had a bath, hot water, thank you, it’s a shame that our water bill as we are on a meter is £1500 in debt, what can I do?

Without hot water I suffer, with it I can live a semi normal day, I wish I could transfer my pharmaceuticals bill I am not consuming anymore to pay for the energy and water.


Wrote an Easter Poem and watched some video.
Realised it was 2 hours long so posted to watch later 😉


Chinese, what a great idea, we all sat around chose what we wanted, isn’t great/


Chinese was shut!, fiddle sticks.


Looked up passion and my evening went tits up from there and I spent the night alone being ignored again, mainly due to me crying so much, I guess Shell is tired of it, and went to bed leaving me solo.

Believe me when I say I am tired of crying, hating, hurting, resenting and every other ing!
It hurts so much my skin stings like my entire body had been sandblasted, peeled then slowly dipped in salt.

Listened to Emeli Sandé shouldn’t have done that, very bad idea, I upset myself some more.


Had another bath and listened to some Solfeggio Harmonics, this was extremely calming.
After only about ten minutes or so of listening I found myself feeling much more at ease, relaxed and comfortable.


On the underground

Tic toc, don’t stop, we gonna rock, on the underground.
Tic toc, baselines drop, lets drop in, on the underground.
Tic toc, don’t stop, asking questions that have no answers.
Tic toc, society stop, nuking the world and building on farmlands.

Society today is so fucking crazy, far to depressed and much to lazy.
Come on people it’s criminal, bankers greed, spills of oil and chemical.

Phat companies bringing profit for masters, but forget about global disasters.
Are we all slaves to our puppet masters?
Or do we proclaim to be FREE?

Tic toc, timer stopped, we see fire, on the underground.
Tic toc, terrorist plot, bombed the lot, on the underground.
Tic toc, don’t stop, asking questions that have no answers.
Tic toc, society stop, nuking the world and building on farmlands.

Pharmaceutical companies are making trillions.
People that take them, die by the millions.

Isn’t it time for a better way, where we help one another, not hide away.
It matters not your creed or religion, this is a must, a world wide decision.
We’ve got to come together to save this land, So I wrote it in a song to give y’all a hand.

Tic toc, bullets shot, drive by murders, on the underground.
Tic toc, cocaine block, smack and pot, on the underground.
Tic toc, don’t stop, asking questions that have no answers.
Tic toc, society stop, nuking the world and building on farmlands.

Oil Barrens hold us to ransom, whilst we fritter and sit here and moan.
We can’t be arsed to stand and be counted, but complain to our selves on our own.

Hours on Facebook, don’t give a second look, to a child dying cold and alone.
We sit in our cul-di-sac, As Africa’s homelands, are bulldozed and our food is grown.
Some of the world look, no food or a school book, and we are comparing our phones.

When will it come to an end?

Will we realise to late, when it’s to broke to mend?
If we act right now, I know we can fix it.
If we all try together somehow.

Tic toc, money rots, peace and love on the underground.
Tic toc, fair-trade shop, Oil for crops, on the underground.
Tic toc, don’t stop, asking questions that have no answers.
Tic toc, society stop, nuking the world and building on farmlands.

Tic toc, gonna block, any attempt on our rights to freedom.
Tic toc, capitalist shock, realise the bankers, we don’t even need em.
Tic toc, don’t stop, asking questions that have no answers.
Tic toc, society stop, nuking the world and building on farmlands.

By Stuart Otway-Smith

Remember we are the underground, you, me, everybody;
Everyone that does not consume the Earth for there selfish pleasures.
We are not consumers, we are beings of light, that live and breathe on an entity of life.

Live Long and Prosper; fellow Humans, Namaste!

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Day Thirtyeight:

The day of Serendipity

serendipity |ˌserənˈdipitē | noun

The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way:
A fortunate stroke of serendipity | a series of small serendipities.

Today as a fellow blogger puts it is a Pajama day I am absolutely knackerd from the walking I have done this week every muscle in my body exudes pain.

I am not getting dressed today and am going to spend the day chill axing and enjoying music, although I am in  an immense amount of pain I feel calm and still, Shell gave me a back rub earlier and took a lot of the stress and tension from me, I really need her to show me that she loves me now, the images in my mind are withering my soul.

Having a baby should be the happiest time of our lives and I am trying so hard to make it that way, I wish whole heartedly that the baby is mine and although I know the chances are very high that it is, the doubt in my mind is tormenting me and making it very hard to let go off all the pain.

Shell has just washed up and gone to pick up our son from school life goes on.

No turbo or exercise today but I have managed to do my emotions training it does help a lot and I am learning to control my brain, not it control me.

Shell and I had a big argument last night and said a lot of things to each other we really shouldn’t have, I am not going to go into it because it all started form nothing and neither of us where to blame, sometimes shit just happens.

Today we are both much calmer and have got a lot of held back feelings out in the open the truth hurts but once it is out you can heal.

It is a shame that some people still want to see hatred, that is up to them, but I am trying to not only lick my wounds but remember why they are there in the first place, if karma exists I must have acted extremely harshly previously in my life, there is no way out of that.

I do hope the other family involved are doing okay and are coping since they removed me from Facebook I have not been able to read their status updates, perhaps this is a good thing as it hurts to think of anything to do with my situation.

I have spent a lot of hours looking into Sensory Acuity and have been doing exercises to prepare myself for the NLP course in May, keeping focus on this and the baby is what is keeping me strong, we are looking into a private scan to get the conception dates as this will really help all parties involved and allow us to start planning and enjoying our baby.


We did end up making our turbo’s yippee, and after we had some ryvita and Philadelphia cheese with salad, we both helped each other make and clean everything.


Shell is now asleep on the sofa, she cleaned the kitchen, I got dressed and we made turbo’s together, my son always wants some, want your kids to eat spinach and celery? drink turbo’s and they will love it.

Before she fell asleep I put on the new David Gilmour album On an Island and gently caressed and kissed her belly, these are the magical moments that will keep us strong, as we clutched each others hands we just closed our eyes and reminisced in the moment.

It is times like this that make both of us know that we can get through this and we are strong enough to fight the demons and follow the path of the light.


Shell has been a sleep a while now and the house has got dark I have just noticed the time and cooked up some dinner for the kids, only beans and toast as it was late and they had ice cream and bananas for dessert.

Everyones settled down now to a movie on Netflix.

So it’s 00:42 tomorrow if you will, I have spent about an hour or so crying and dribbling on my self the day went great today and almost nothing went wrong, after Shell had a bath I got highly emotional and just burst into tears and stayed that way for about three hours, as I quietly sat on my own in the dark until now feeling sorry for myself.

Loving Kindness, Stu.

Day Thirtyseven:

Newton Faulkner – People Should Smile More

I awoke this morning aching all over, it took me a good half an hour or so just to get out of bed, I feel somewhat sad today, the world does not seem so full of loving kindness.

Made my self a cup of coffee and smoked for pain relief about an hour after getting up and crawling down the stairs.

Shell was a little late home this morning from taking Brent to school as she bumped into a friend, chatted and missed the bus, she is now home and we are going to make some turbo’s  as we both need the energy, perhaps after we could go for a walk.

Time to get dressed and get on with our day, Shell is peeling limes after dressing, I am going to help her with the juicing =) / washing up!

Facebook is a great way to meet people and communicate via the Internet as a new user to it I have found it overwhelmingly public, it has taken me several weeks to figure it all out, I did a course of Lynda.com and still need to go over some things.

Joining wordpress.com with your Facebook ID automatically adds your ID to your blog and publishes everything to it, I have now found the setting to change this default behaviour, it’s location is under Publicize on the Edit Post screen.

Some people have been giving us a hard time as I am publishing this blog, my sister persuaded me to create it to track my progress as I had quit medications and she thought others may be interested in what I was trying to achieve.

I certainly did not create it as a means to be malicious or cause harm or pain, people do have to actually come here and read it as the Facebook auto posting was only a short summary.

I am going to continue to blog my progress, for my own sanity but will consider others more whilst writing it.

I am in such emotional turmoil that I need to get the darkness out of my mind, better out that in they say. I know for sure that keeping feelings and emotions of this kind locked up within your mind is extremely harmful to your sanity.

I have done my Mastering Your Emotions trance and am about to drink my turbo, so far we are having a perfect day.

I have set my self four tasks to complete for my own health each day.

1. Listen to my emotional trance when I wake in the morning.
2. Drink a Turbo.
3. Listen to the No Smoking CD’s
4. 30 minutes of exercise.

For the last two days I have managed three out of four skipping the exercise.
Once I have these three down and habit formed I will try hard to get that exercise in.


Shell has persuaded me after our turbo’s to go and have a look at the house around  the corner, that count’s for my exercise for the day and since quitting the medications and juicing almost everyday I am finding it easier to walk short distances.

Weighed my self and have hit the 9 stone mark 58KG, that is one whole stone or about 8KG since starting this journey.