If I could #poem by Stu.

“If I could” a ‪#‎poem‬ by Stu.

If I could hold you I would, I’d be there every night.
Circumstances parting us, milage beside.
I know that you want me, when you look in my eyes.
I’m sorry I’m not there, to be by your side.

Gift wrapped for the fuzz, by deceit and lies.
Perhaps they don’t like us, seeing through their disguise.
But I am just one man, maters not if I fall.
Replaced by another, truth always rules.

To your corruption, we won’t fade away.
Equal rights for all, on loop you’ll hear every day.
Over and over, our voices get louder.
As awakened citizens, become prouder.

Prouder of who they are, stronger by far.
Not reliant on your slavery, speaking truths of bravery.
Never will we surrender, until this madness ends.
Until all humans, are equal friends.

If I could hold you I would, I’d be there every night.
Circumstances parting us, milage beside.
I know that you want me, when you look in my eyes.
I’m sorry I’m not there, to be by your side.

Be, Be

Be, Be by Stu

Be with me, be subtle, be flexible, be adaptable.
Be like the tree whose branches bend in the wind, mindful of your purpose.
Rather than living life like brittle twigs that break off in a gale.
Treat each experience as a lesson, a learning, a moment of oneness.
Regardless of the outcome when coming from a place of oneness.
With love you find your strength to be whom you are.

What you resist persists, accept the present moment for life is now, step back to a place of witnessing, a place of calmness, stillness, become the observer.

Are you your thoughts, feelings and emotions when you react, when you break like a brittle twig?

Or are you able to flow with the wind, dance through life, evolve, become, ascend?

From sufferer to survivor to thriver you become.


The love inside

“The love inside” a poem by Stu.

I have a love inside me.
It’s growing every day.
Although I sometimes hide me.
My love shines bright the way.

For we are love and magic.
In our hearts we know it’s true.
There is nobody in our worlds.
That loves like me and you.

The feeling is appealing.
In more than words can say.
Two hearts beating as one.
Each and every way.

With time comes understanding.
Trust flaunts it’s merry tune.
Now their love, is blossoming.
Now their love, It blooms.

Stuart Smith 2014

Our Love

11 ♥♥♥ 11
Our Love, By Stu.

My light it dims, as early the hour sings.
My light hampers down at dusk.
My light, its power diminished.
My light, never forgotten.

My heart, sings loudly.
My heart, feels your calling.
My heart, wants your body.
My heart, waits for the journey.

Our souls, they know each other.
Our souls, can live apart.
Our souls, don’t need each other.
Our souls, this life will start.

Our love, blossoms, in our absence.
Our love, forever blooms.
Our love, sows its seeds.
Our love, waters loves roots.

Our dreams, we are together.
Our dreams, we are as one.
Our dreams, we are duality.
Our dreams, Moon and Sun.

For together we are energy.
For ever light united.
For we can feel at distance.
For our love is connected.

Across time and space.
Higher than the mountains.
Further than the Universe.
More droplets than a fountain.

My light it shines once again.
And now I feel brand new.
So I wrote this poem down.
To shine some back at you.

By Stuart Smith Feb 24th 2014

SONG: Fantasy Dreaming (Trance Beat) 11 ♥♥♥ 11

SONG: Fantasy Dreaming (Trance Beat) 11 ♥♥♥ 11

Your are in my dreams and fantasies.
You are in my world for real.
I can not help loving you.
Because that’s the way I feel.

I wake up every single day.
With you upon my mind.
On this special valentines.
You will be mine.

I’ll be yours infinitely.
Until the end of time.
We’ve waited many lives.
Now well be fine.

In our hearts were full of love.
We fit just like a glove.
Looking in each others eyes.
This must be love.

Your are in my dreams and fantasies.
You are in my world for real.
I can not help loving you.
Because that’s the way I feel.

Banging on drum.
We dance for fun.
Our lives are full of joy.
For us girl and boy.

Spirits in us everyday.
Love is all around.
We see it in each other’s eyes.
We can even hear the sound.

For loving you real easy.
Love conquers all they say.
Cupids fired his arrows.
Just at us today.

Your are in my dreams and fantasies.
You are in my world for real.
I can not help loving you.
Because that’s the way I feel.

By Stuart Smith Valentines Day 2014

11 ♥♥♥ 11

Synchronistic joyous nowness

Got to love the Universe manifesting is so sweet people, live in the now, be present with the abundance, see all the beautifully synchronistic opportunities that present them selves not only from a place of love by the situation to which you find your self, whilst feelings of joy and gratitude become your very being, for this is living, thriving, loving every second of life, the learning growing journey, an evolution of mind, body, spirit and soul

This week I thank The Ascended Masters for their guidance, their patience, their wisdom and their profound outer bodily experiences of love, I have travelled instantaneously across the universe in a flash of knowledge, like a download and upload synchronously processing, witnessing and experiencing healing and vibrations of the purest forms.

The wrong application downloaded the wrong magazine.
Only it was the right magazine because it lead to energy healing, teaching and enlightenment.

I bumped into Shambhalla Reiki, Oneness vibration, duality and flames.

Diamond and miracle vibrations, attunements many, love and light feels me with life.

Good deeds a many, to council do I go, help is on its way from the normal man you know.

Bumped into a good friend, another being of light, chatted a coffee, spoke later that night.

A message from a stranger, Senegal festival town.
Drummer light, rainbow sound, dancing through the night.

I am honoured and excited, humbled and courteous, Stu.

For the Love of Stars

I’ve considered if it’s fantasy, considered if its real.
It matters not either way, because that’s the way I feel.

Light met with serendipity, serenity, spontaneously
Beautiful, middle of know where, along a winding road.

Pow wow energy was high, lightened up the room.
Journeyed Bear and Owl, Ascended Masters soon.

A friend of mine, a pantomime, space rocket for a ride.
The four legged man knew we can, enjoy, for it’s our night.

In my dreams you touch me, in the middle of the night.
To lay with you my star seed bride, duality ignites.

Dreams come true they say, perhaps they meet each night.
For always are connected, beings of the light.

We accept each other, for what we really are.
Beings from another realm who’ve traveled really far.

Across seas of stars and galaxies, from every corner doth it loom.
The glory being only love, love our vibration, Sun and Moon.

By Stuart Smith 2014

Love your friends the friends you love

In life you come across and meet many different kinds of people,  you might not even meet in the real world, and that is an odd thing because the connection you have with them relies solely on what they say and not what you feel from their body language interaction.

Considering that if I remember correctly about 90% of communication is body language I can only conclude that somehow the very essence of the person can and is transmitted via text, you can feel their sincerity or falseness, their weariness and happiness, even if they simply replied with “Had a good day thanks, u?” via text you can tell, well I can at least how they are feeling, therefore am able to connect with them and truly feel their genuineness.

Every now and again from your perspective at least you just click with someone, you can’t really put it into words or logically comprehend your attraction to their energy simply by commonality of the stuff you both like and do alone.

You may have fun together, even feel sexually attracted to them and I believe that when you feel these things they are, there is an ‘isness’ about feelings that is completely in the present moment and goes much further than words alone, at that moment you are one, an understanding, an inner love for their very being.

You know recently I have been as they call it friend zoned, at first it actually hurt my feelings because I had well still am in love with her.
However she still wanted to remain friends, yeah, yeah we’ve all heard that before haven’t we, but in this case the offer was genuine.

Despite the fact I risk our friendship sometimes because I’m over come with desire our friendship has grown and you know what, I love her even more for it, the more she slowly reveals her self to me the more I reveal my self to her, those moment of I want to know more about you, a curiosity has developed.

They say how can you be lovers if you can’t be friends, listen guys take that seriously, having a good woman in your life as a friend is an absolute blessing, so don’t be stupid enough to let your ego be ignorant enough not to carry on your friendship with her because you may feel rejected, if you do truly love her be with her, she wants to invest her time in you or she wouldn’t be doing so.

You know what there is no better loving feeling than two beings just being in fact relationships of every level require give and take and are seldom perfect, sometimes you are gonna piss each other off, the best people, the ones I love the most are the people who know the real me, love the real me, but still they are surprised by my randomness, humour and intense loving and although they might want to behead me sometimes because to be fair I have fucked up grandiose, I don’t do things by halves you know, at the end of the day we are still there for each other, theres a trust.

“I like friends who have independent minds because they tend to make you see problems from all angles”
Nelson Mandela From an unpublished autobiographical manuscript, written on Robben Island, 1975 ‪#Evolve101‬

At the end of the day other people enhance your life, they don’t make it, do your best to enhance theirs and if your love is not reciprocated, just love them more just for who they are and let them on their journey, what will be will be, however comma!

Love and light Stu.

Flutter life

Flutter flutter life goes by.
Tipple tipple who knows why?
It must be for money?
“NO! that seems funny”
It must be for stuff?
“NO! that’s just rough”
It must be for joy?
“Remember being a boy?”
It must be for fun?
“That’s the one!”
But I’ve missed one you say?
The most important one of all.
What is it I wonder?
Hmm… I ponder
Look left, look right, look down and above.
It’s all around you.
“It’s easy silly it’s called LOVE!”

By Stuart Smith © 2014

On A1r

Hi all I have the privilege of going on air details of this exciting opportunity will be coming forthwith!

I’d like to ask for feedback as regards to what topics you all feel would be best discussed, of course as a poet I’ll be having a psychic poetry corner to share those moments of flow that the writer says “I just don’t know where it came from”, all the best work comes like that ask any artist, a  song lyric on a napkin, inspirations expressed in chalk, it’s all about living in the moment and utilising the energy of the now to live your life to the fullest, this is what I want to promote with my New Radio Show, freedom from ego and living in the NOW!

With that said it is a Psychic Radio station, topics I’d like to cover perhaps include such things as.

Everything is energy.
All there is; is Love.
Music and sound, vibrations and their therapeutic use.
Chakras, colours, tones, balancing exercises.
Exploring the healing energies of Humans.
Wisdom, proverbs, quotes and stories from spiritual beings.
Live inner body and self health meditations.
The evolution of consciousness.
Freedom from ego.
Life lessons and tools to help us evolve.
Psychic Newbies (Grounding and protection 101)
Psychic Poetry (Poetry and stories providing healing and wisdom)
Manifestation 101 (Learn how to live life to the max and create your reality)

Weekly Q n A so that we can keep the show in line with the listeners spiritual motivations.

This is just a small example of a few things that immediately spring to mind please give feedback on any ideas you may have, thanks in advance, Blessings, Stu.