What is self? A Hindu / Buddhist perspective

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Today sisters and brothers we have a wonderful video from Alan Watts.

What is self?

A Hindu / Buddhist perspective.

Karma the law of doing!

Evolve your consciousness, use the resources of your own mind to control your own destiny, by accepting the views of others and understanding that we are all Humans, we are all equal.

Seeing things from a different perspective allows us to have the freedom to choose our own experiences, our own ways, to enjoy our lives.

Resources for all, opportunities for all beings of every faith and complexity.
These are the aims and goals of the Money Free Party to evolve us a Humans to a resource based economy, a huge network of people doing good for each other, creating wealth not with money but by action, by liberation, by having the freedom to be you we will have a better money free world with resources enough for all.

After all ladies who wouldn’t want a hand carved present on valentines by hubby and guys imagine the time you could spend with your children instead of the bump and grind of work for cash.

Think of your hobbies most of us wouldn’t give these up with or without money, I play guitar and there is no way in the world, even if I didn’t have a guitar for some reason or another I would stop music, I’d bang the floor, make a drum, because music is a part of my very soul, what makes you feel this way?
Want to do more of it?

What is it you do that you probably would love to do more of, that you would have to do with or without money, football, shopping, painting, paint balling?

It does not matter what your passion our money based world is designed to not allow us time to just be us, this is one way a community would differ in a resource based economy, people would be doing more of what they are passionate about and get really good at it too.

We can not argue that banker and corporate greed is responsible for the most traumatic and disturbing actions towards the beings of this planet, and the Earth Mother her self, yet it is common knowledge that just in wars alone the resources used could have solved a large proportion of the planets problems to date.

Time for us, the people to create our own resources the power of us, lets use our Human Resources to build a better world now, get in contact with us to find out how you can learn to manage the resources in your area better, after all you live there right?

By becoming a candidate for the Money Free Party – UK you can start to make a real positive difference to how the resources in your area are managed.

Enjoy the short film.

By Stuart Smith.
Press and Media Relations.


Be a social butterfly, flow with life as it flutters by.
Enjoy the sharing, the joy, the laughter.
Increase your life, by being a part of.
New ideas, beliefs and ways.
God bless us all, what ever their race.

By Stuart Smith (2013)


Mystic Fayre – 1st December 2013

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Features a wide range of Readers including Auro Photography readings as well as many popular Tarot and Goddess Oracle Readings too.

Sound Therapy, Music, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Gorgeous Food and many Craft Stalls will be just a small selection of the wide range of features at this years Mystic Fayre.

Please invite all your family and friends as this event is going to be a realexciting Mystic Fayre.

Opens at 11am until 5pm

ENTRY £2 (Members & Children FREE)


Goodbye nightmares hello life!

The Nightmare

So I switch on the computer to find that the ex not only continues to terrorise me but is still in communication with her affair guy, yes she was daft enough to store it in a folder with my name on it, I didn’t go seeking it was simply open and on screen when I awoke the PC after a nightmare at about 3am this morning.

Upon speaking to her of course she denied it, please Shell be true to your self.

I feel relief although somewhat lied to, spirit has been screaming at me for months during my sleep, alarm bells.

At least now I can start the process of me keeping our home with the children and she can move out as I am unable to be any where near her and don’t think it is right that loose my home due to this, the levels of deceit that she implores even shocks me beyond all reality.

I’m in love with a very special woman and finally this situation comes to a conclusion and I can now finish the hard work I have been doing to heal my self with the help of many friends, for this I am eternally grateful, I just wish the children hadn’t suffered so much due to this.

Thank you Shell for all the lessons that you have given me, thank you for the strength I now possess, I wish you happiness and loving kindness, may you find the inner peace you so rightly deserve.

Now I smile as tonight I will sleep knowing that the nightmares will finally go away and I will peacefully transition to where my heart calls me.

Blessings, may God and the holy spirit guide me on my path so that I am true to myself, true to others and always walk my path my calling, that of healing, raising consciousness, vibration and ascension.
May I truly forgive both the antagonists and myself.

Namaste Stu.

Sometimes in life!

Sometimes in life, you have to grow beyond your wildest imaginings.

It often takes great sorrow and misery to finally realise your true potential, to live your dreams, to create a joyous reality not only because you want it, but out of necessity.

I have found that by living your truth, being the real you, gives you a greater acceptance of you, the inner strength and courage to love your self first, as without first loving your self how can one expect anyone else to.

Do not feel selfish for thinking of you first, it is not about not caring for others or not being compassionate, it is about being true to your self and then by doing so you can be true to others, aiding them in their healing and their growth.

If you are flying through clouded skies, long for kisses that hold no lies.
Are wanten for Human touch, a love that yearns, a love that grows.
Seeds that spawn almighty trees, pathways that feel the breeze.
First speak with that inner child, hold them close for a while.
Tell your self that it’s okay, don’t be afraid to cry all day.

Reach out with your heart, it is okay to start again.
It is okay to not pretend, that everything is fine.
I like fine wine, need time to restore the natural chemical balance.
To sit and wait for the time to come, when you’re enjoyed by all and one.

Once you are happy with you, there is no way that you’ll be glued.
To old thoughts, behaviours that have become you.
Your higher self doth know you, listen to your inner voice.
It will give you an honest choice.

It’s up to you to be the best you can, a better woman, a better man.
So take a walk, a walk with me, lets find out our destiny.
Lets hold hands and dance and sing, write, prance, try new things.
Play, laugh blow bubbles, who cares if it gets you in trouble.

To be you is all you should strive for.
Open the doorway to your soul.
It is the only way that you can grow.
And now I long, for heart-felt love.

And angels speak from high above.
They speak of aeons past.
They speak of love that will always last.
They speak these words to me, so self I heal and wait for thee.

Blessed be, Stuart.

Source Healing and Ho’oponopono

Pu`uhonua O Hōnaunau

The wonderful Janine Regan-Sinclair gave me some gentle spiritual reminders and insights last night and reminded me of the wonderful source healing and Ho’oponopono, see the video at the bottom of this article.

Having had this reminder a few lyrics from the source chant came to me and I thought I would add my twist on it, then share it for you all today.

Slightly modified source chant:

The main exclusion is the word ‘Lord‘ replaced with Earth and I love you all, plus an extra verse with ‘we’, for sharing the love, repeat to your self and with others to feel the joy, expand the joy with drums, flutes and whatever you can imagine with friends, with family etc, please make it so, don’t be afraid of shyness the energy of it is very positive when you go with it in this instance and the kids will love it.

Repeat the following it works right away to lift up your day.


I love you all, with all my heart, my soul and might.
I call upon the power of the light.
I love the Earth with all my heart, my soul and might.
I am the presence of the power of the light.

I love you all, with all my heart, my soul and might.
We call upon the power of the light.
I love the Earth with all my heart, my soul and might.
We are the presence of the power of the light.


Feel free to share the chant as you wish, for the good of all is all I ask and not for personal gain or profit.

Source Healing and Ho’oponopono links.

Check out reboot your brain (Highly Recommended)
Free Source Healing course (Highly Recommended)

I was for some time using source for self-help via iTunes but unfortunately due to some odd bizarre technical glitch the podcast suddenly died, I thank you Janine for reminding us of source and the wonderful healing of Ho’oponopono.

Grab a free MP3 to aid with poverty conciseness from Janine, thank you kindly =)
I have a copy of her book The Angel, the Witch & the Warrior and will review it after reading.

Enjoy your journey fellow beings, just for today be happy!

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Sweet, sweet angels

Love ? I love love love you.

Sweet, sweet angels rest your wings, surrounded by love and other good things.
Take a walk, hold my hand, together we will understand, love is life, life is love, it’s obvious just look above.
Float to me my heavenly angel, let me love you, I know I’m able, when you shred a tear and sadness becomes you, I’ll always be here if you want me to hold you.
To gently listen to all you say, to hold and love you in every way.
My angels fly free, set love free within thee, help fix those broken hearts, let them know how to restart.
Lessons learned, cards on the table, loving embrace that will enable.
Freedom of thought, soul and mind, a feeling close not left behind.
Your beauty shines outside and in, with my angels close I soon begin.
To let go of all that’s past, find a place within my heart, for you to be both safe and loved, my wish from angels that fly above.
To me love will never die, with you by my side I’ll always know.
True love not dies but always grows.

© Stuart Otway-Smith 2013

Thanks to Rosi whom inspires me to write, many thanks love and light to you x.


Rest in peace sweet angel

Rest in peace sweet angel

Rest in peace sweet angel, may your journey be most gracious.
Spread your wings, soar above the clouds, to many a destination.
Travel the cosmos, explore all of creation.
I will never forget thee, always in my heart.
Despite lack of corporeal, we will never be apart.
I spend this day most grateful, for the souls that I did start.
For life is but creation, and lessons must be larded.
And when I think of thee, dancing in the gardens.
Brothers and sisters by your side, not one of them discarded.
I know that you’ll be free, a freedom to explore.
The infinite creation of the universe and more.
Gentle with this knowing, I wipe away my tears.
having you look down on me helps ease away my fears.

Foundation of self; Getting over the Despair of Existance.

Why we’re here is something that human beings answer by either using imagination, or by turning to what we can prove.  The idea that there was / is a being out there that created existence  is only cut short when you look through the eyes of science, the eyes of reality. Understanding that in reality everything we know as a species has happened through some hysterically deranged chance that life happened on a lukewarm rock floating in space orbiting a spectral class G2 star. We are a byproduct of millions of years of mutations that by chance let our species become top dog on this rock.

Mother Nature(a name given to personify the life that happened, to help buffer reality) crafted a couple things up to help us cope with the many problems we get ourselves into, and help us come together as a species to survive; consciousness, and intelligence.  Two things used everyday, but rarely kept in mind.

We are here, and we exist simply because of chance. Praise chance by going to the casinos once in a while. It’s more honorable a religion than praising any number of vengeful, and yet contradictory loving gods every Sunday by reciting a hollow prayer in a “house of God.”



God bless you, your messages help to guide me though my many days of darkness.