With whom does my heart beat

Heart beat


With whom does my heart beat.
Is it for you my dear?
Will you take care of it?
And always hold it near?
Can I be your pillow?
Will you be my bow?
For if it is love.
Then love will surly flow.
I’m stronger than tomorrow’s.
And wiser than today’s.
For you my love.
Have shown me.
Many thriving ways.
But are you in it for long run?
Or am I just some fun?
Coz I’m not a player.
That simply hits and runs!
Wife to be, I love thee.
Together we will grow.
Unless we trust, in just love.
We will never know.

By Stuart Smith 2013


Goodbye Kisses

I sit here and I miss you, oh just to kiss you.
On your lips.
I smile away the day, with every thing you say.
My heart drips.

When in times of trouble, or caught up in a bubble.
Please decide.
That if you love your self, you’ll have more than wealth.
By your side.

So we all just take our hands, and walk across the lands.
Peace in our hearts.
Free of ego and war, food for all we saw.
For just a start.

People found it rather funny, the concept of money.
More for some?
Resources gained where shared, plenty was there.
No tanks and guns.

To start this process now, we have to somehow.
Change our ways.
Surrender to the now, for it has special powers.
To amaze.

Live in the moment, for life is only now.
Feel the love.
Awaken from your trance, feel the freedom dance.
Become one.

Divinely I don’t grumble, for my spirit lessons rumble.
Through my mind.
From the stars we travel far, just to find out who we are.
There our no goodbye kisses for our kind.

By Stuart Smith © 2013


Even a broken heart, can be broken

English: Broken Heart symbol


Even a broken heart, can be broken.
Snapped, like a violin string.
Played with a bow, without knowing.
The words of the song that it sings.
Romance is a word thats not dying.
For clearly I have felt it in my day.
Today I solve a mystery of the Universe.
That love isn’t always both ways.
But love always conquers all.
love always finds a way.
And having witnessed love once again.
I know in my heart it remains.

Stuart Smith 2013 




Another night walking the streets

Belle Isle Conservatory - Detroit, MI

It was 3am again, he awoke in a cold sweat, another nightmare.
The pain in his chest from the heart break never seemed to subside, in fact every night the pain grew stronger.

As his chest tightened, he clutched and gasped as his eyes opened as wide as the sky. It had been a very long time since she had hurt him, yet as each drop of forgiveness fell as tears from his swollen eyes, he knew that only love was the answer and although he had found it in himself he yearned to feel the closeness of a love once past yet never forgotten, he knew that this pain was there to assist him to find his duality and make him grow stronger.

He dressed hastily, still sweating he wipes the tears from his brow, sighs and heads downstairs to walk the walk of solitude that only the night can bring.

Many a night he walks the streets, solum in his slumber, with his head facing the wet pavement he kicks stones as his feet scrape the tarmac, in a lethargic trance, he stumbles pacing slowly with no sense of direction he crawls along the streets once again.

Many hours pass, many footsteps trodden, he walks, he cries, he rips the hair from his head.
As each strand of hair falls in slow motion to the floor, they meet the tears in a dance of quite contemplation.

He knows not where he’s going, he knows not the direction that the wind blows, yet despite the unknown he knows that a new love is on the horizon, he takes comfort in the joy it has brought him thus far as she is the most precious gem he had ever felt, not just in his heart but right to his very soul he knows she is an angel of the light inside and out and that he will always love her even if only from a distance.

He smiles in remembrance of the many times his new love had given him the joy of her company. The joy and love this being of light had freely given him was worth all the previous pain he had endured.

As he wipes away his tears and thinks just of her loving smile, he knows peace in his heart as he has found true love, meaningful love, not just of pleasures of the flesh, as of yet they had not shared their souls and become one physically, but a universal love, that they where connected across time and space and had spent many lives together, they would always find each other, despite his yearning just to hold her, he patiently awaits the day she calls him to her.

This mattered not to him, it didn’t even matter if in this life she wasn’t with him romantically for he was happy just to have found her once again and knew they’d be together once again one day.

It was at this moment the pain from the torturous happenings that had weakened his resolve lifted from his heart and although she may never be by his side, as his lover, his wife, he knew that she would always love him for it was not a new love, but a love that spanned the ages, a love that could not die, for she was a rose in full bloom and he marvelled at her beauty.

Te quiero mucho mi amore.

By Stuart Smith 2013

For Millennia I’ve loved you

Love Love Love
When I am near you, I imagine feeling your breath, gently on my neck.
Kisses flow energy down my spine, I look into your eyes, all is fine.
I am yours and you are mine, forever till the end of time.
Eternally I’m yours, a true love that will endure.

Stars shine deep within your soul, remembrance of a never ending love.
A love so bright and blinding, it can only be felt, as words can not describe it.
Take my hand, walk with me, for our love is timeless.
I wait for thee most precious angel, for our time has come.

Wings sprout from our backs, we fly high, into the clouds.
Without a sound, bodies become one, skin touches, souls are joined.
Many lives have I loved you, I know that your are scared, forever I will wait, just to hold your hands.
Millennia pass, days become weeks, weeks become, years, years become centuries.

Yet I don’t cry tears of missing you, because I know someday, that we will be together once again.
My heart beats only for you, for I am still in love with you, and I know that you are in love with me.
I know this as I feel it, even when your’e not around.
I can hear it in the wind, I love you is its sound.

My heart was locked, not open, there was not even a key.
For you my love, my heart unlocked itself, as it was meant to be.
I open for you butterfly, you’ve flown into my dreams.
Your’e the last thing I think of at night, true love, must be, it seems.

Now we have grown, life has mends, lets not play more pretend.
For we like seeds, will blossom, and never be departed.
I promise that you’ll never, from me, be broken hearted.
To know you is to love you, from the moment we first met.

To kiss and hold you would be, all my dreams come true.
Be my wife, my lover, my friend, lets not hide in fear.
True love holds no bounds, and always perceivers.
So hear my heavenly blessings, for a brand new start.

Star child play with laughter, twin girls, born of love.
Our seeds, most elemental, a joining, moon and sun.
Till the morning, I do hold you, a gentle morning kiss.
It’s these memories, moments, most of all I miss.

Until we are together, I simply sit and wait.
I not need, but do hunger, for love to light the way.
As I caress your gentle face, I know you understand.
That you are my woman, as I am your man.

When we join together, once again and we are one.
United we are stronger, but divided we won’t fall.
There is no risk in loving you, none what so ever, at all.
If you hear me calling, shining you with light.

Then please let me love you, and hold you every night.
For now we count our blessings, for struggles that have passed.
We are ready for each other, as a new day dawns.
Together now forever, our love can be reborn.

By Stuart Smith (© 2013)


Sometimes in life!

Sometimes in life, you have to grow beyond your wildest imaginings.

It often takes great sorrow and misery to finally realise your true potential, to live your dreams, to create a joyous reality not only because you want it, but out of necessity.

I have found that by living your truth, being the real you, gives you a greater acceptance of you, the inner strength and courage to love your self first, as without first loving your self how can one expect anyone else to.

Do not feel selfish for thinking of you first, it is not about not caring for others or not being compassionate, it is about being true to your self and then by doing so you can be true to others, aiding them in their healing and their growth.

If you are flying through clouded skies, long for kisses that hold no lies.
Are wanten for Human touch, a love that yearns, a love that grows.
Seeds that spawn almighty trees, pathways that feel the breeze.
First speak with that inner child, hold them close for a while.
Tell your self that it’s okay, don’t be afraid to cry all day.

Reach out with your heart, it is okay to start again.
It is okay to not pretend, that everything is fine.
I like fine wine, need time to restore the natural chemical balance.
To sit and wait for the time to come, when you’re enjoyed by all and one.

Once you are happy with you, there is no way that you’ll be glued.
To old thoughts, behaviours that have become you.
Your higher self doth know you, listen to your inner voice.
It will give you an honest choice.

It’s up to you to be the best you can, a better woman, a better man.
So take a walk, a walk with me, lets find out our destiny.
Lets hold hands and dance and sing, write, prance, try new things.
Play, laugh blow bubbles, who cares if it gets you in trouble.

To be you is all you should strive for.
Open the doorway to your soul.
It is the only way that you can grow.
And now I long, for heart-felt love.

And angels speak from high above.
They speak of aeons past.
They speak of love that will always last.
They speak these words to me, so self I heal and wait for thee.

Blessed be, Stuart.

Sweet, sweet angels

Love ? I love love love you.

Sweet, sweet angels rest your wings, surrounded by love and other good things.
Take a walk, hold my hand, together we will understand, love is life, life is love, it’s obvious just look above.
Float to me my heavenly angel, let me love you, I know I’m able, when you shred a tear and sadness becomes you, I’ll always be here if you want me to hold you.
To gently listen to all you say, to hold and love you in every way.
My angels fly free, set love free within thee, help fix those broken hearts, let them know how to restart.
Lessons learned, cards on the table, loving embrace that will enable.
Freedom of thought, soul and mind, a feeling close not left behind.
Your beauty shines outside and in, with my angels close I soon begin.
To let go of all that’s past, find a place within my heart, for you to be both safe and loved, my wish from angels that fly above.
To me love will never die, with you by my side I’ll always know.
True love not dies but always grows.

© Stuart Otway-Smith 2013

Thanks to Rosi whom inspires me to write, many thanks love and light to you x.


Working with Feelings of Jealousy

Working with Feelings of Jealousy

English: Robert Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions

As so often happens for me, a friend’s question (you know who you are!) triggered an opening into new reflections, insights and revelations on a very familiar topic: Jealousy.
And, as so often happens for me … the information that came through seems to be worth sharing here so that others might discern whether it resonates for them.
So, with appreciation and compassion ….One cannot go beyond jealousy without opening to it.In other words: Not judging it. Not avoiding it.
Not denying it.Rather, loving it into the wholeness of your human experience … with compassion.For example: You feel jealousy “rearing its head.” Find the time and space to go off by yourself.
Sit in it. Open to it. Feel it. After a few minutes (or whenever ready) … step back from the dramas it generates.
Notice what you are feeling. Ask yourself: “When have I felt this way before?” and then follow the threads of memory down to where you access the feelings from “times past.”Compare the feelings. Ask yourself, “What is different this time? What is the same? Why do I care? ”Take a few moments to break from process. Breathe. Drink fresh water. Breathe deeper. Then re-approach. Think about the “source” of your present jealousy. Look at the situation and say to yourself:
“I dislike that this is so …”Repeat it with feeling.Then breathe. Re-approach the source. This time say to yourself , “No. I actually love that this is so …” Repeat it with feeling. Do this a few times, alternating between “I dislike this” and “I love this” … until the “witness” in you notices that both statements are true. Because there is a part of you that does love what you “dislike” – and is calling for attention.
Then sit with that part that “loves” the experience of jealousy, and ask yourself: “How does this serve?” In other words, what benefit / value do you derive from experiencing jealousy?
Notice it. Honor it. Own it. Then (and only then) can you decide whether this continues to serve … or is simply a re-enactment of old feelings that, like some ghosts, are simply haunting your consciousness until they believe they have been fully heard and consciously released. This approach is only a device — it may or may not “work” for you. Fundamentally, opening yourself to all the energies and resources of your own Awareness is what brings the shift, the sigh, the relaxation into Grace.Have fun with your own explorations … ;o)

Namasté. ((♥))

via Working with Feelings of Jealousy.

This can be applied to any feelings such as anger, self worth confidence etc.

Look Deep

So true, love of another is the ultimate giving that a Human can experience, in doing so we receive a perfect gift to be cherished and never let go of.

My heart is still aching

Love heart uidaodjsdsew

Guitar chords G / G major 7th / D / D major 7th / C / D

G                            GMJ7      D                   DMJ7
My heart is still aching, I don’t know what to write.
C                                D
Does it still exist? Is there anything left inside?
G                     GMJ7        D                       DMJ7
I can’t feel it beating, it used to beat like a drum.
C                                    D                          
All I can say is now, it doesn’t want to run.

Bedroom antics may have been the cause, I was simply far too blind.
To notice you slip away, was you only trying to hide?
But now our love is stronger, it’s all up to me they say.
To forgive you and my self, but I’m stuck in yesterday.

I know I must have hurt you, for you to do the things you’ve done.
But instead of holding you real close, I simply let you run.
The love I feel for you, is something I can’t hide.
It’s high up above the clouds, where angels reside.

Now that we are parted, although only for a while.
Hearing you when you call me, always makes me smile.
Forgiveness is in my soul, but torments in my mind.
How do I forgive you darling, when there’s torture in my eyes.

The only thing that keeps me going, is you and the kids.
I’m going to pin that thought promptly, to the back of my eye lids.
I’ve jump started my heart again, solely for you.
But please don’t ever shake it, coz it’s only held with glue.

I know that you can feel me, from across the shores.
When I wake up in the mornings, it is you that I adore.
I feel our love is beautiful, like a flower in full bloom.
Worry not my darling, I’ll be coming home real soon.

I’ll be coming home real soon, to oo ooo sooth you.

By Stuart Otway-Smith

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I miss you all my love, kiss our children for me and hug baby.