Tag I’m it!

The last game of Tag I had was a few years ago, it was with the kids outside our house in Winklebury, there was a huge lawn outside and the kids where playing with water guns!

I was tagged by Currie Rose =P lol thanks XD
I thought you would appreciate this so this is for you.

A Red Currie Rose

A Red Currie Rose


1. You must post the rules.
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.
3. Tag eleven people and link to them on your post.
4. Let them know you’ve tagged them!

The questions Currie Rose set for me.

  1. What is your favorite childhood memory? Going to Florida and having breakfast in the company of Mickey mouse with my mum dad and sister.
  2. If there is one thing you could change about yourself, what would it be and why? I would like to give my self the ability to finish what I start and be kinder, so that I achieve more and am a nicer person with more consideration.
  3. What is your favorite pastime, besides blogging of course? Playing guitar and listening to music.
  4. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 46
  5. Do you like where you currently live? Why or why not? Yes it is homely and our landlord is great, new neighbours are a pain in the arse its to small and we are moving in a month or so to a larger property, this means the two kids won’t be sharing rooms any longer, YAY
  6. What is your biggest life goal? To own our own home that is environmentally friendly and self sufficient.
  7. What are 3 things you always carry with you? My heart, my sleeve and a shoulder to cry on.
  8. What is the one place you really want to visit? I really want to go back to Florida for a while, visit Richard Bandler for some NLP and then onto the Venus Project and of course I’d have to go to Disney World.
  9. Do you think the world is going to end in 2012? Only if my friends dog farts!
  10. What is your most embarrassing experience you are willing to share with the world? I once caught my willy in my zipper.
  11. What is your comfort food? Costa Coffee, Large Mocha Flake, Brie and Bacon Baguette, slice of Carrot Cake, OMG I am dribbling nom nom nom…

The eleven people I am tagging are in no particular order of preference, hugs!

  1. Maggie Mae For being the first blogger to follow me, and writing such heart felt poetry, I thank you.
  2. Wartica Thanks for being the first person to like one of my posts and giving me that little kick of confidence.
  3. stellamarr Does great work for rape victims and prostitution survivors.
  4. AMSDaily For providing wonderful positive insights.
  5. Risa Fibromyalgia, animals, mental health, Risa cares and works hard to help others she also lives with FM.
  6. Jodi Ambrose Your genuine, compassionate, humorous, flirtatious and a wonderful author, thanks for the giggles.
  7. 400 Days Till 40 This blogger writes fantastically optimistic and inspirational posts about life and nature.
  8. Photo Botos Wonderfully beautiful and stunning photography of the world around us and everything in it.
  9. The Change Your Life Blog Thanks Stuart for your passionate, inspiring and uplifting posts.
  10. Sending Joy Spirit Healer is a spiritual and loving Human with genuine loving kindness in her heart.
  11. zen and the art of borderline maintenance Last and certainly not least, thank you for your kindness wisdom and support, Hope your site move has Zen, Namaste.
The eleven questions I ask you to answer.
  1. What is your favourite colour?
  2. What do you find relaxing?
  3. Have you heard of Solfeggio Harmonics? and if not would you investigate?
  4. Are you environmentally friendly?
  5. If you could change one thing about your self what would it be? and Why?
  6. Do you think helping others is beneficial to society?
  7. If you could would you stop the use of money?
  8. Do you grow your own food?
  9. Have you got any pets?
  10. Are you living life to it’s fullest?
  11. Do you spread happiness and joy each and every day?


Nothing major, lets keep it simple and use Currie Rose rules above with the addition of.

I would like each of these people to find one post on each of the other persons blogs that interests them, comment, reblog etc…
But most of all say thanks then spread some loving kindness and peace and joy.

Social network right 😉

May all your days be filled with genuine joy and happiness, thank you to all of you for helping me towards my journey of achieving the attitude of gratitude and peace and harmony within.

Namaste, Stuart.

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Day Thirtyfour:

Alicia Keys – Love Is Blind

Got an answer today from the NLP people informing me that I have been accepted on their 2 day scholarship programme, I am eagerly awaiting full confirmation and instructions to get started.

I will travel to London in May for a two day training session, it should be enlightening, entertaining and teach me a lot, I have been tested more than any man could ever dream of lately and am coping remarkably well considering.

Shell and I have a property to look at within walking distance of our current home, we live in private rented accommodation at the moment and this means that will have a more permanent home that we can make ours, unpack the boxes, decorate and settle down.

I have worked on the proposal for The Venus Project and they have had a meeting via team speak on it, I am waiting for the minutes to be typed up and published. I could not make the online conference as I was doing my Daddy bit at the Mother-in-laws.

Shell took a pregnancy test today and it came up positive, although we are both really scared as we are in our 30’s we are tremendously excited about the prospect of having a new member in the family, I said to her a few days ago jokingly I bet your pregnant only to find out that she is.

She also did a digital test that says it is 99% accurate she is pregnant and 92% it was within 14 days, thankfully that takes her past her affair with Darren, she promises they used contraception and I pray that is true because if the child was his it would be an even more fucked up situation than it is now, it will take three months before we can get DNA tests done to confirm anything, but in my heart I am sure it’s a girl and she is mine, my lil Andromeda Hope is what we will name her.

Whatever happens I will stand by her.

Personally I am certain she conceived on our night of light on Day Twentyfour:.

I am having to do some serious re-framing today and positive thinking is the only way I am going to get through the next few months.
We do have to confirm it with the doctors tomorrow, after all the tests are not always right, but after her doing two tests I have to say she is, how exciting!

Going to clean up the kitchen now and set up to make some Turbos as Shell, I and the kids are going to try to have some family time together this evening.

I am going to have to completely quit smoking although I have managed to get rid of all the medications, and haven’t taken any since I began this journey, I have smoked especially over the last few weeks.

I am only on three or four at the most per day and they are mainly cannabis for pain relief, but now Shell is pregnant we will both have to quit and that is that.

Emeli Sande “Maybe (Acoustic)” HD. Angel Studio Session

This is something very very special, Thank you Emeli for singing so beautifully and giving me the inner strength to carry on each and every day that I hear your voice.

it’s currently 04:29 I could not sleep, my mind is quite clear although I am somewhat tearful, listened to Emeli and then watched a two hour NLP video.

Loving Kindness, Loving Kindness, Loving Kindness, Namaste.

Day Thirtyone:

Song of the moment

Emeli Sandé – Lifetime

Been up most of the night my brain has buzzed with ideas.

The Venus Project does not have any information what so ever on the Apple store, as a developer it is something I noticed after doing a few searches, I have put out a proposal to create iBooks, Podcasts and possibly an App.

Looks good so far a few people have shown  an interest, so now we are awaiting a team co-ordinator to organise us into teams, unless off course they don’t have anyone at all for iOS stuff then I would volunteer to run the project.

Shell and I have had a really great morning so far we spent many hours last night making love and just holding each other, I really feel we will get through all of this, we have been together for 17 years, some of that time has been a very dark place for us, we have done just about everything you should not to do to your partner to each other yet we are still together, in the words of Shell’s father, may he R.I.P, God bless you Mick. Love conquers all.

I am still awaiting the results of my application to the NLP academy I really do hope I am accepted as I really want to change my life for the better and know that studying NLP properly with others will make a huge different to my healing process, communication with others and my emotions.

Looking forward to going out this evening with Mum, Dad, Sister, Nan and some more of the family for an early Mothers day meal yum!

I am really looking forward to Seeing lil Ella this weekend  She’s so fluffy!

We went out to-night for a mothers day dinner everything was lovely until we got home and Shell started lying about cigarettes again, flash back! here we go again, all the time she lies to my face and I believe her we have huge problems, I do not think she will ever stop lying, how do I trust her if she can’t stop it even for the stupidest of things.

She has been lying to me for years, why am I falling for her crap again.

Shell and I are on the rocks, I need to move out it seems, everything has gone wrong.

That is it for today for now, Chou.

Copy of my proposal if anyone is interested in contributing please click the link below.

Venus Expressions Media(TVP Support Team)

Increasing Global Awareness of The Venus Project by way of the Apple App Store and iTunes

Goal to enter the Apple Worldwide Market place to increase global awareness and attract new members to TVP in a previously untapped market.

Upon searching for the phrase The venus Project the only hit was an album.
It is my opinion that the information that is already available could be simply converted into the iBooks format and made available for free download for iOS devices including iPod, iPhone and iPad, significantly increasing the potential reach.

The distribution of this information would be via Apples online stores and cloud servers.

The cost for a developer license is $99 per year and this allows one to distribute ibooks, music, video, and applications via the Mac and iOS App stores, there is different terms and conditions and rules regarding the types of media that can be published but it is mainly offensive materials that do not cut the grade.

There are three main avenues of distribution for the information using Apple technology.

An iBook is just like a normal book on an iPad or iPhone you can flick the pages with your finger and read in comfort, the iBooks application allows you to remember where you are on one device and continue reading on another in exactly the same place.
3d Models, video and audio can be used, embedded and played but are limited in file size, it is a book remember.

Podcasts are similar to radio broadcasts but can be run by anyone, there is an application process as with everything Apple, but due to the wide variety of content that is available it does not concern me to much that TVP would be refused, all the video and audio media can be turned into podcasts and then made available in the podcasts directory from within iTunes, users can search for podcasts that they find interesting and subscribe, future updates will downloaded to their macs or PCs and synchronized with their iOS devices, as with iBooks things carry on where you left off, so if you watch on one device you can continue watching the same content on another device from the same place, users that Have Apple TV could also stream the videos wirelessly to their TV’s for a more engrossing and family orientated Entertainment, rather than watching it on YouTube on their computers, YouTube is available on Apple TV advert free, this allows users on these platforms to look up more information on their TV’s.

An application can be as simple as converting some custom webpages to an application or as complex as a 3D simulation, both of which are comfortable running on iOS devices.
Advantages of apps are, it is possible via iAd to make some income, take donations or sell merchandise from within the app via in App purchasing and allow in app communications, possibly cross-platform.

Thanks for reading my draft.

Day Twentyseven II

What happened to a day? Day Twenty seven disappeared.

Something strange happened to the blog I didn’t loose much as regard to what happened with my daily progress but lost a whole post about Horus, ho hum…

Been getting up very early, I have never slept more than three or four hours per night, I struggled to sleep last night I had a cry about the pictures in my mind, I still see Darren hugging Shell and saying goodbye as he left that day, the images are so vivid I can smell her perfume and hear the music that was playing in the background, I really have a huge amount of sensory acuity / imagination and after doing some listening exercises last night that included listening to different people snapping their fingers together whilst you sat with your eyes closed and guessed who did it, I confirmed that.

I must confess that I have really good eyes, I hear things others don’t, see things others ignore and sense  people’s emotions and feelings, it is almost as if hiding your self from me makes it easier for me to read you.

The first few steps I have taken on self-studying NLP are going well and I honestly feel that helping people using my acute sense of perception just might be what I should have done anyway.

Everybody has skills mine are learning quickly adapting to situations, noticing the minutia and building the big picture from it.

I tried some reframing of the bad images and feelings by trying to change the voices to silly ones, turning the pictures black and white and making them smaller and more distant whilst putting something else in that storage area, if you will, it has worked although I did release some tears but I never got caught up in the emotions, just let it go.

Turbo time soon the juicing is still really helping me i can’t believe I never did that sooner, juicing has made me feel more vibrant and alive, I have a lot more brain and mind power and body-mind energy.

Still smoking a few cannabis cigarettes a day, I wish I could ease this neck, shoulder and spine pain, sometimes it drives me nuts, I still have not taken any medication what-so-ever but still feel like I have let my self down with the smoking as little as I am doing it at the moment it still bothers me that I was weak enough to do it.

Shell and I are doing okay I feel that we are healing together, I must admit she has been somewhat down the last few days, I have been up and down self-esteem wise and drop to crying on occasion.

Overall most of the time I can hold it all together and feel good that I am managing to carry on with day to day things and still keep a smile on my face, after all our kids are still with their Mum and Dad and every thing here is continuing on as normal as normal can be.

Got a confirmation via email today from the NLP Scholarship people to say that they have received my application and their board is in the process of reviewing it, ten days waiting time now how exciting!

The Venus Project, Paul McKenna and Richard Bandler are all in Florida, I love Florida not been there now for many years but have visited lots of it and would love to see more, I still have an American Indian Belt made of Buffalo Leather and a Pewter buckle that has the faces of a Cheif and brave adorned upon it, wow that brings back some great old times.

I remember seeing the Challenger go down, yes I was there at Cape Canaveral as she ploughed to the floor rest in peace and we thank you for risking everything in the name of Human evolution.

Time to go back to Florida me thinks, I wonder if The Venus Project needs any game designer volunteers?

It is 20:15 I have spent an hour or so laying on my back doing some mental muscle relaxation techniques, the agony in my shoulder blades is making me angry and frustrated, I had a headache earlier and was very worried it would turn into a migraine, thankfully I managed to calm myself down and lay and relax, I used noting to note my experiences and tried to be at one with the pain, do not change it or try to avoid it, let it be and it will fade.

What I need is physiotherapy and a programme of exercises that can retrain my muscles and strengthen them, I am going to the doctors on Thursday but expect to get know where as the NHS have no idea how to treat Fibromyalgia at all the pain clinics talk to you for a while and prescribe anti depressants, they do not consider a simple nutritional and exercise regime and even if they did the NHS simply does not offer that kind of treatment and only provides plasters.

They are not interested in curing people or preventive medicine, but the amount of profits and taxes that can be collected form pharmaceutical sales.

Loving Kindness, Loving Kindness, Loving Kindness, Namaste

The Venus Project

Visit The Venus Project

NLP Basics

I am currently grabbing as much free knowledge and information as possible on Neuro-linguistic programming and attempting to teach myself what I can as to prepare for the scholarship, although I have no idea yet if I will be accepted, this is something I have set my mind on doing, I have used these techniques to heal my self over the last few months and am hungry for more.

I know that the events over the last few weeks mean something, I feel my life moving in a new direction and am excited at the prospect of meeting Richard Bandler, albeit I do not have thousands of pounds I need to train with the best, I know if I have an achievable goal I can take small steps towards it.

There are seminars in the UK that I can go to that would only cost hundreds of pounds.

Funny the way the world works I have rediscovered The Venus Project and both Richard Bandler and the VP are in Florida.
I love Florida it has been such a long time since I went there that it seems like I never had.

Maybe I could volunteer for the project and kill two birds with one stone.

I am going to post tidbits of information for my reference on this page, feel free to ping-back as I will be updating it regularly.

Sensory Acuity NLP

Links I found useful during my journey

Free and paid courses:

free-nlp.co.uk (Awaiting acceptance * terms and conditions etc…) Monday 12th March 2012
Paul McKenna
Richard Bandler
Malcolm Huxter (Buddhist Meditation) I put this here because it really aids self-healing and enabled me to trance to begin with.

I will add his completely free of charge audio tracks after I have checked the relevant permissions, other wise I will simply link to them instead.

Information and reference:

Neuro-Language Development And Exactly How It Works
Neuro-linguistic programming (Wikipedia)