My heart is still aching

Love heart uidaodjsdsew

Guitar chords G / G major 7th / D / D major 7th / C / D

G                            GMJ7      D                   DMJ7
My heart is still aching, I don’t know what to write.
C                                D
Does it still exist? Is there anything left inside?
G                     GMJ7        D                       DMJ7
I can’t feel it beating, it used to beat like a drum.
C                                    D                          
All I can say is now, it doesn’t want to run.

Bedroom antics may have been the cause, I was simply far too blind.
To notice you slip away, was you only trying to hide?
But now our love is stronger, it’s all up to me they say.
To forgive you and my self, but I’m stuck in yesterday.

I know I must have hurt you, for you to do the things you’ve done.
But instead of holding you real close, I simply let you run.
The love I feel for you, is something I can’t hide.
It’s high up above the clouds, where angels reside.

Now that we are parted, although only for a while.
Hearing you when you call me, always makes me smile.
Forgiveness is in my soul, but torments in my mind.
How do I forgive you darling, when there’s torture in my eyes.

The only thing that keeps me going, is you and the kids.
I’m going to pin that thought promptly, to the back of my eye lids.
I’ve jump started my heart again, solely for you.
But please don’t ever shake it, coz it’s only held with glue.

I know that you can feel me, from across the shores.
When I wake up in the mornings, it is you that I adore.
I feel our love is beautiful, like a flower in full bloom.
Worry not my darling, I’ll be coming home real soon.

I’ll be coming home real soon, to oo ooo sooth you.

By Stuart Otway-Smith Registered & Protected

I miss you all my love, kiss our children for me and hug baby.



  1. bellesogni · April 19, 2012

    Very touching.

    Anyone who can put it out there that way can surely work over, up, around or under any problems that come up, which hey, being human, ALWAYS come up!

    All the best…

  2. shellotwaysmith · April 19, 2012

    This is beautiful, I can’t wait to hear you play it to me, I love you so very much, you are my hero, thankyou for standing by me, true love always and forever.

  3. I am astounded by you. Truly. You are what they mean when they say “real man.” XO

    • Stuart Otway-Smith · April 19, 2012

      Oh Zen, I am truly humbled by your comments once again, thank you dearly for your kind words you give me the confidence to keep on writing I sincerely thank you with all of my being.

      • ♥ I am stumped for words. You are welcome. I know you appreciate it very much, and I do appreciate you also. I read what you write and think how beautiful is this guy. We need to be taking life lessons from you. ALL OF US. I mean that. Love and kisses Stuart, not just to you, but to your whole family. ♥

      • Stuart Otway-Smith · April 19, 2012

        Namaste and loving kindness to you I’m not really that great you know I dont think there is much I can teach anyone but thanks for thinking that I can.

      • I understand how you feel. Right, like, why me? 🙂 But no, you’re an exceptional person. Please believe that. You are INCREDIBLY mindful.

        Namaste. Love, Stuart. ♥ Always love.

      • Stuart Otway-Smith · April 19, 2012

        Respect sister.

      • ♥ Ditto

  4. thescarletnumbers · April 21, 2012

    love it!

    • Stuart Otway-Smith · April 21, 2012

      I am in the process of creating this into a proper song via Garage Band, once recorded I’ll post it for you all to listen to.
      Thanks for your comment =)

  5. zygerina · April 21, 2012

    Wow beautiful! 🙂

  6. authormercedes · April 22, 2012

    such an amazing poem. Just. Wow! my favorites in particular are the first and second to last stanza. Brilliance!

  7. Ken W. Simpson · April 22, 2012

    The use of guitar chords looked promising. A lushly sentimental fantasy – for sweet tooths and the romantically inclined.

    • Stuart Otway-Smith · April 22, 2012

      Thanks for your comment however this is based on truth and facts of my current situation and not fantasy 🙂

  8. dagdapublishing · April 22, 2012

    Love it. Very inventive structure.

  9. Pamela · April 24, 2012

    Very creative structure! Love how you incorporated the notes into the poem!

    • Stuart Otway-Smith · April 24, 2012

      Wow, thanks, amazing the response this has had, I still blush every compliment.

  10. rayneolsen · April 27, 2012

    1st time stopping by and I respect your artistry. Congratulations on almost meeting your 90-day goal as well!



  11. abaddonpyro · April 28, 2012

    can’t wait to hear you sing it. wish you and your family all the happiness in the world, there is so much love that can be felt here, it brings a tear to the eye. warmest regards, A.P.

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