Spare any change #poem

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“Spare any Change” a #poem by Stu Art.

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“Spare any change” a #poem by Stu.

Excuse me mate, spare any change?
It’s cold I’m hungry, just want a coffee.
Fuck off get a job, ain’t sharing my toffee.
But I had a house, a job, a good wage.
Tough luck mate, must be your age.
Perhaps your disabled?
Never mind, I’ve got lots to spare.
But with you, I’ll not share.
I’ll tell you to fuck off, walk past with a stare.
Tell the kids to, ignore you there.
Sleeping in the doorways, empty houses loads of them.
Bankers save them, for profits golden.
Free food, why should they have it?
Had to pay for mine, they should to.
Don’t matter, he has only one shoe.
Money is not what we need.
Food, shelter, freedom from greed.
Lets hide the poverty, killing games for profits.
News papers say nada, cuts of austerity.
Slitting the throats, of the family.
I won’t be silenced, my voice not diluted.
Not use violence, nor be polluted.
To be human, ain’t convoluted.
Wake up, be free.
Share the love, with your global family.
Don’t run, from the confusion.
Don’t divide us, with their illusion.
Unite as one, sisters and brothers.
Uncles and aunties, father’s and mothers.
Of stolen children, be brave.
We will, seize the day.
A day of oneness, equality for all.
It all starts with, one and all.
Just being human, just for one day.
Lets rid the world, of judgment and blame.
No more conditioning, no lies.
No more bloody noses, no more tears from sad eyes.
In this world of abundance, I know for sure.
That stealing resources, from those that are poor.
Making huge profits, selling weapons of war.
Is not the way, of the evolved.
No pensions, for those who are old.
We want peace, freedom, war to end.
Once greed has gone, we can start to mend.

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Baby thieves

“Baby thieves” a poem by Stu.


I miss you my babies.
To welcome you home.
Playing world of Warcraft.
Listening to music on our phones.
I’ll always be here for you.
No matter what they say.
I’m fighting harder everyday.
And now that tears are falling.
Scars in our hearts.
We’ve never been able.
To live like this apart.
Your eyes are withdrawn.
Life in you is small.
Where’s the spark gone.
That I gave to you.
Keep it burning brightly.
Don’t ever fright.
You’re in my heart.
You’re in my dreams.
Every single night.

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Songs of the moment update ;)

The love inside

“The love inside” a poem by Stu.

I have a love inside me.
It’s growing every day.
Although I sometimes hide me.
My love shines bright the way.

For we are love and magic.
In our hearts we know it’s true.
There is nobody in our worlds.
That loves like me and you.

The feeling is appealing.
In more than words can say.
Two hearts beating as one.
Each and every way.

With time comes understanding.
Trust flaunts it’s merry tune.
Now their love, is blossoming.
Now their love, It blooms.

Stuart Smith 2014

Our Love

11 ♥♥♥ 11
Our Love, By Stu.

My light it dims, as early the hour sings.
My light hampers down at dusk.
My light, its power diminished.
My light, never forgotten.

My heart, sings loudly.
My heart, feels your calling.
My heart, wants your body.
My heart, waits for the journey.

Our souls, they know each other.
Our souls, can live apart.
Our souls, don’t need each other.
Our souls, this life will start.

Our love, blossoms, in our absence.
Our love, forever blooms.
Our love, sows its seeds.
Our love, waters loves roots.

Our dreams, we are together.
Our dreams, we are as one.
Our dreams, we are duality.
Our dreams, Moon and Sun.

For together we are energy.
For ever light united.
For we can feel at distance.
For our love is connected.

Across time and space.
Higher than the mountains.
Further than the Universe.
More droplets than a fountain.

My light it shines once again.
And now I feel brand new.
So I wrote this poem down.
To shine some back at you.

By Stuart Smith Feb 24th 2014

Resourced Based Economy

Written by Christine Rbe Thindi:

Financial troubles everywhere,
give you no time to be aware,
of what it is that causes it,
and it all seems so legit,
indoctrinations keep you caught
in a state of fearful thought.
Money makes the world go round,
it’s what keeps the food abound,
keeps us clothed and in a home,
without it, streets we’d have to roam,…
sleep on the pavement, starve to death,
feel misery till our last breath.
We have to keep a job or two,
enough banknotes will see you through,
will pay the taxes and the bills,
bliss awaits behind the hills,
make more money to get by
but guess what? It’s all a lie!

Money causes suffering,
destroys your soul and everything,
the planet is about to die,
economic growth has to be high,
exploitation is a must,
if profits are not to go bust.
What is the use if very soon,
Earth will look like its own moon,
your children will not have a future,
just because your lifestyle suits ya,
but look at it, does it make you happy?
Or do you feel stressed and rather crappy?
You are a slave to this whole thing,
full of worry and suffering.
Half the world has it even worse,
they always have an empty purse.

But did you know, there’s a better way,
where no one can be lead astray,
where everyone on planet earth
lives healthy, happy right from birth,
no stress, no force, no crime, no war,
where all our spirits are free to soar.
Technology will do the jobs,
robots won’t turn into mobs,
most work’s already automated
so why not call the rest outdated?
Let’s just end the reign of money,
and I’m not trying to be funny.
Without it we would all be wealthy,
happy, free and very healthy.
All we need to set us free
is a Resource Based Economy!

The Grateful Indigo

I am gifted for this I am grateful.
This is why we will prevail.
For light shines when ever theres a spark.
You are that spark, that lights the dark.

For freedom of the voice.
Can not exist in dark faces.
The dark of lies, that hide the truth.
Get discovered in light places.

Weather war may bring floods.
Disabled people may starve.
But in the end the light will shine.
The truth will become ours.

Stuart Smith 2014

Indigo Children

♥♥♥ Eye love you ♥♥♥

♥♥♥ Eye love you ♥♥♥

For it is in our eyes.
It is only felt.
By that of the heart.
By that of the Soul.
For we are beautiful.
For we are love.
Sun and Moon.
We are One.

Stuart Smith 2014

Indigo Children

Indigo Eyes

Indigo Eyes, are eyes that see.
Many a life have trodden.
No fear have we, for love is all.
No need to speak of sodden.

From stars afar we travel light.
Rainbows our destination.
Our egos free.
We be, blessed in our wisdom.

Blessed in the now.
Thankful for the day.
Grateful for our lessons.
For times when we might sway.

Glory to the Universes.
Synchronistic ways.
Manifest they say.
Is easy, just to be.

Feel it, live in your mind
As if reality.
The emotions and joys.
That this doth bring.

Will make you shine in ways.
That you will recognise.
By complete surprise.
For the rest of your days.

Message of love we do share.
Equality for all.
I offer you sisters and brothers.
Love Universal.

Stuart Smith 2014

SONG: Fantasy Dreaming (Trance Beat) 11 ♥♥♥ 11

SONG: Fantasy Dreaming (Trance Beat) 11 ♥♥♥ 11

Your are in my dreams and fantasies.
You are in my world for real.
I can not help loving you.
Because that’s the way I feel.

I wake up every single day.
With you upon my mind.
On this special valentines.
You will be mine.

I’ll be yours infinitely.
Until the end of time.
We’ve waited many lives.
Now well be fine.

In our hearts were full of love.
We fit just like a glove.
Looking in each others eyes.
This must be love.

Your are in my dreams and fantasies.
You are in my world for real.
I can not help loving you.
Because that’s the way I feel.

Banging on drum.
We dance for fun.
Our lives are full of joy.
For us girl and boy.

Spirits in us everyday.
Love is all around.
We see it in each other’s eyes.
We can even hear the sound.

For loving you real easy.
Love conquers all they say.
Cupids fired his arrows.
Just at us today.

Your are in my dreams and fantasies.
You are in my world for real.
I can not help loving you.
Because that’s the way I feel.

By Stuart Smith Valentines Day 2014

11 ♥♥♥ 11