Pain in my fingers

I have pain in fingers.
Aching in my toes.
My elbows are bruised.
Tears run down my nose.

My entire bodies hurting.
I can hardly type.
But I’ve got to write it down.
So it don’t become a gripe.

I’m feeling really lonely.
Fatigued and down and blue.
Something that you told me.
Broke my heart in two.

And on the day of love.
You left.
Never again.
Will we cross the path of guile.

As swords of ice cut out his heart.
Both cold with torn and bitter.
Revenge is not the way.
So he tried hard to forgive her.

But she was rather angry.
Some what mental and retarded.
Bloody war, smashed glass door.
Slashed wrist and scars discarded.

Now free I am from misery.
To fight another day.
With love in my heart.
I do start, to love life each and every way.

Stuart Smith Feb, 15, 2014

A million tear drops

A million tear drops roll down his face.
He feels lonely in this cold old place.
He gathers his worth from within his soul.
Silently ponders, realise no control.

Surrendering to the pain within.
He wipes the tears from off his chin.
Awaits true love as it’s within.
His heart, his soul, his body, his mind.

Time stops still till love does he find.
He sees her face within his dreams.
He is sure she dreams of him.
Dreams come true you know, so they’ll happen in the end.

What will be will be each tear does say.
Please fix my broken heart.
Only love can make him safe.
Desires a brand new start.

Please my love my flower.
Now that we have bloomed.
Let our seed of love join together.
Twin girls will be born real soon.

Duality is reality, we both made that mistake.
Of thinking that we had met, our soul mate.
In lives before we loved each other.
We both know this is true.

Valentines comes along.
He wants to spend it with you.
Cupids Arrows fire rapidly.
In many a direction.

There is no choice of another.
As no other woman comes close.
To unconditional love from angels above.
He knows she feels it too.

Another million tears drops fall.
As his aching heart shows.
That the love he has within him.
Not withers but grows.

As each and every day that pass.
The stronger he becomes.
She recognises he is the one.
They always have much fun.

To be or not to be they say.
I say that I will be.
Eternally by your side
My flame, my duality.

Stuart Smith 2014

For the Love of Stars

I’ve considered if it’s fantasy, considered if its real.
It matters not either way, because that’s the way I feel.

Light met with serendipity, serenity, spontaneously
Beautiful, middle of know where, along a winding road.

Pow wow energy was high, lightened up the room.
Journeyed Bear and Owl, Ascended Masters soon.

A friend of mine, a pantomime, space rocket for a ride.
The four legged man knew we can, enjoy, for it’s our night.

In my dreams you touch me, in the middle of the night.
To lay with you my star seed bride, duality ignites.

Dreams come true they say, perhaps they meet each night.
For always are connected, beings of the light.

We accept each other, for what we really are.
Beings from another realm who’ve traveled really far.

Across seas of stars and galaxies, from every corner doth it loom.
The glory being only love, love our vibration, Sun and Moon.

By Stuart Smith 2014

Flutter life

Flutter flutter life goes by.
Tipple tipple who knows why?
It must be for money?
“NO! that seems funny”
It must be for stuff?
“NO! that’s just rough”
It must be for joy?
“Remember being a boy?”
It must be for fun?
“That’s the one!”
But I’ve missed one you say?
The most important one of all.
What is it I wonder?
Hmm… I ponder
Look left, look right, look down and above.
It’s all around you.
“It’s easy silly it’s called LOVE!”

By Stuart Smith © 2014


Pen pushing politicians prevent progress.

Evil enterprise elopes Earths entrails.

Angry anarchists achieve arcane abstinence.

Challenged chiefs choose choice-less chastity.

Encumbered Earthlings empathise engrossing entanglement.

For PEACE to work we have to work.Together!

Stuart Smith Registered & Protected

Goodbye Old Paint

He feels a wave of fear hit him as memories of happenings most disturbing suddenly become his awareness, he breathes deeply softly and rides the wave of emotions that have suddenly become him, senses on full alert he can even smell the silence, as hairs stand upon his arms, he takes note that he is love and only his love can save him.

He asks softly and kindly for the assistance of Archangel Michael he asks that healing light be kindly and lovingly sent to his aid.
He asks for the removal of this fear, of this memory, that lessons learned are honoured and remembered.

The angel replies “fear is not real, fear is an illusion that the mind creates to protect its self, it is not happening now, therefore it cannot hurt you, you are love.”

He bows his head with gratitude and thanks the Archangel, he feels the love, the comfort, the security from the angel and knows that he is safe, he knows that he can now let go of torturous memories that serve him no purpose, he knows that it is time to rid the illusions of yesterday, sit upright gratefully in the world in which he already humbly thrives each and everyday.

With love in his heart, he takes release.
Time stands still as tears well up in his eyes, he waits, silently…
As each water drop falls like leaves in the wind, he knows he breaths easier and gains strength with each and every molecule of water.

He smiles, wipes his eyes and is free.

Stuart Smith © 2014

Every night we dream of love

I wish upon a star, I dream each night of life as us.
Synchronicities  a plenty, our love knows it’s a must.
Across galaxies I’ve traveled, drawn closer to your being.
A deeper understanding, of non corporeal existence.

Before I share my body, before I share my soul.
I must trust, not shoot or bust, that forever we’ll be true.
My feelings will matter, my heart you will not shatter.
My body is my temple, will it be sacred to you?

There’s only one Moon in my sky, a very special light.
To know her is to love her,  each and every night.
A love based on loving ones self, a trusting truth.
Dreams of forever loving each other, eternally with light.

I awake in morning with your memory in my mind.
A smile comes a plenty, I let go a gentle happy sigh.
To know you is enough, if all is meant to be.
For I love you anyway, and will make you see.

That true love wants nothing, but to be loved in return.
To enjoy our fun and laughter, conversations where we learn.
That we have time a plenty, for our love to grow and bloom.
Thats not to say I’d rather,  just kiss you really soon!

Stuart Smith © 2014

Word Weavers

The Door Called ‘Fear’

A wonderfully put story about the emotional baggage we sometimes carry, this story not only brings about reminders or awareness depending on where you are on your path about such baggage, but also gives you a spiritual real world solution with which to deal with your baggage (shirts) one day or one shirt at a time,  absolutely fantastic, I do love you Rosi for sharing such wisdom  and teachings with the world, we are most grateful, I’m sharing this as it will be very healing to many.

The Door Called ‘Fear’ By my favourite Author Rosi Piñeiro

The Master observed the man as he approached.
He carried a big brown suitcase that he was struggling to lift up the stairs.

“Good morning Master, can I ask you some questions?”
“Let us start with one,” replied the Master.
“How many doors do I have to open inside my heart before I am enlightened?”

The Master laughed.

“How many doors do you think there are for you to open?” replied the Master.
“I am not sure, but if I am to look inside my heart, surely I have to open some doors,” he said.
“Your heart is much like this suitcase you carry.
The heavier the suitcase, the more baggage you carry around with you. And it is this baggage that stops you from knowing your heart. I can see from the size of your suitcase and its heaviness, that you carry a big load.”

The following day the man came back to visit the Master carrying the same suitcase and struggled again to lift it up the stairs.

“Good morning Master, can I speak with you again?”
“Go ahead,” replied the Master.
“I am scared to open my suitcase and look within?”
“I see that you have answered your own question,” replied the Master smiling at the man.
“Yes Master, there is only one door for me to open,” said the man.
“Just one,” replied the Master.

The man scratched his head and fell silent.

“Open the suitcase,” said the Master gently.

The man opened the suitcase.

“Now take one thing out,” said the Master.
The man took out a shirt.
“Good, now do this every day and soon you will know your heart,” replied the Master walking away.

Rosi Piñeiro – 2nd January 2013

For more of Rosi’s wonderful creativity you must visit:
Word Weavers Here Don’t forget to like her page, thanks, Stu.

The profound energy of love

Awash with a wave of love gifted by an ascended master he sits as his vibration raises higher than he ever thought possible.
In less than moment he drops a single tear, as it rolls down his cheek he witnesses the profound energy of love.

As it vibrates his very being he knows right down to his soul, that at his core he is only love.
With this gift glowing in his heart, he feels a warmth that will always stay with him, it energises his whole body, every cell is alive; he has been touched by pure love.
He smiles gently with the knowing that with this love in his heart he will always be safe for this love is the only love there is and the partnership is eternal.

The Sun and The Moon from the Stars that are three.
We will always be as one.

Stuart Smith © 2014

With whom does my heart beat

Heart beat


With whom does my heart beat.
Is it for you my dear?
Will you take care of it?
And always hold it near?
Can I be your pillow?
Will you be my bow?
For if it is love.
Then love will surly flow.
I’m stronger than tomorrow’s.
And wiser than today’s.
For you my love.
Have shown me.
Many thriving ways.
But are you in it for long run?
Or am I just some fun?
Coz I’m not a player.
That simply hits and runs!
Wife to be, I love thee.
Together we will grow.
Unless we trust, in just love.
We will never know.

By Stuart Smith 2013